Important rules of WordPress Development

WordPress website development has become one of the most requested IT services among businesses and private clients. WordPress is one of the most popular website design platforms in the world which has managed to take over a high percentage of the world’s websites. This CMS has thousands of templates in world-renowned stores, which can fit company websites, commerce and stores with a an unlimited number of products. Developing WordPress sites is completely different from developing a basic coded site. Of course, for those of you who already have a website and want to upgrade your WordPress website, you are welcome to contact us, for an assessment and peripheral review of your WordPress website. As WordPress website developers, we build and upgrade websites by a software development specialist for individuals and businesses.

Why choose WordPress website development?

You should choose wordpress for your website if you are looking for a comfortable CMS which will allow you to create and customize new posts and pages with an ease. WordPress sites are quickly taking over the internet. In the beginning, WordPress was a content management system used for blogs. But now a large number of sites use this CMS. WordPress is written in PHP, which is a popular programming language, and due to the existence of various plugins it can meet the needs of many users.

Hosting wordpress

To have a WordPress website, it is better to use Linux hosts on a shared hosting plan. The advantage of shared hosting is the price to value ratio you get with those plans according to your needs. You can choose to host one website or multiple, depending on your plan.

WordPress website development

WordPress website upgrade

What are the reasons that require an upgrade to WordPress sites?

Appearance – an upgrade yo your website’s design

In regards to outdated and bad design, which makes your website look unattractive, The big impact of not upgrading the site has a direct impact on your conversion rate and overall UX (User Experience). Customers wander around the web and have certainly come across impressive and updated websites, therefore the preference for the customer is always to get the best, whether when it comes to purchasing products and certainly when he is looking for quality and professional service.

Website functionality

WordPress sites that were built a few years ago are not at all similar to today’s sites in the context of your site’s functionality in regards to the way your site works and functions. Of course, there are many and varied reasons that compel us to perform an upgrade, which is actually an improvement of the site in relation to other sites and in general with regard to innovation and technology.

1. Developing a WordPress site

Developing and managing a WordPress site is much easier than a site that is exclusively coded because the tutorials on operating the site are available on all sites in the world and in different languages.

WordPress website development

2. The price of WordPress website development

The price of WordPress website development depends entirely on your needs, but usually this cost can be between 1,200 USD and 3,000 USD , and has a direct relationship with the completion time of the project.

3. WordPress core is provided as open source

The open source nature of WordPress means that website developers can add plugins and code to it and make it available to other people. You can read more about website development .

4. WordPress site management is easily possible

Anyone with minimal internet knowledge and no need for web design knowledge can easily manage a WordPress site. How to arrange the menus, calendar, etc. with the help of plugins. Easy and fast installation of various plugins and full support for the Hebrew language are among the most important features of WordPress.

5. Various plugins – WordPress website development

Undoubtedly, the most important reason for the superiority of WordPress over other competitors is the unique variety of functional plugins. At least 5 different developers have developed functional plugins for each purpose.

6. Rapid development of desired additives

Even if the desired plugin does not exist, it is possible to create the desired plugin in code and based on the open source of the WordPress core.

7. Developing a website with WordPress

For this purpose, it is enough to know the basic configuration of the host as well as the possible errors in the installation of WordPress, then the knowledge of creating pages, installing themes or skins and various plugins and learning website design with WordPress.

Developing WordPress websites with a quality and professional design is a huge advantage for different websites. The first thing that comes to the eyes of the users of any collection is the appearance of a website. This is why people must pay attention to the quality of the appearance of their site WordPress site development. The first thing that appears in the appearance of a website is the website design template. The format of a website is the general shape of the website pages. The more beautiful and professional format you use on your website, the more professional you can design your website. Choosing a template for the website should be in such a way that the template is in harmony with the overall shape of the website. Also, when developing WordPress sites , you should pay attention to the fact that the design of the template should be as simple as possible for the user.

Simple website design vs WordPress website development

Having a website on the Internet is very important for a business. So today you will find fewer businesses that have a suitable website in the internet space. Having a professional website allows companies and individuals to offer their services and products on a wider scale. Also, having a website can display products better. This is why most collections are looking for a suitable site. Startups are looking for a cheaper website solution. Simpler websites are less expensive than website development. For smaller and new groups who don’t want to spend a lot of money on WordPress website development, it’s better to go for a simple website design. Generally, simpler sites have lower construction costs.

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WordPress website development  

WordPress is a platform that has created a huge industry in the online world, which allows even those who do not come from the field of website development to set up a website. There is no doubt that development a website is similar to developing WordPress websites and it requires knowledge of a software language.

A WordPress developer has the necessary and sufficient experience in the field of programming and coding in the WordPress platform and its infrastructure development.

So, it can be said that a WordPress developer is a step above a WordPress job or a WordPress site manager who only knows how to work with the WordPress administration environment and knows the ability to install templates, install WordPress plugins or put content on a website. .

What parts does WordPress development include?

There are different types of WordPress developers, each focusing on a specific point in WordPress core. Of course, the WordPress development chain can never see these things completely separately. But if we want to have the most explicit division in this work, we will arrive at the following things:

Plugin developer – WordPress website development

If you have read the article about types of WordPress plugins. You will understand the role of WordPress plugins in their development. A WordPress plugin inherently extends the WordPress system without affecting the original files. You will be able to implement any idea you have on the WordPress based web platform which is amazing.

Perhaps the first step in understanding the development of WordPress is the WordPress Hook system, through which we can fully influence its core.

WordPress Hook and using action and filter in WordPress extension from the best source for learning WordPress plugins and writing plugins which is the WordPress Plugins Developer Guide section. All sections are fully explained with examples.

WordPress theme developer

Undoubtedly, one of the main parts of any system is its user interface or visual part. In the WordPress system, we know it as a WordPress template.

Focusing on WordPress theme development and programming can go a long way in attracting customers. There are many templates in the WordPress markets in the world. You can design specific templates for clients or publish your templates on WordPress product marketplaces and profit from their sales.

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WordPress theme design

One of the keys to success in programming and developing a WordPress theme is its integration with popular WordPress systems and plugins. It’s like the WooCommerce plugin or Gravity Form or famous page builders like Elementor, which are all household names.

Similar to WordPress plugins, in the development and programming section of the WordPress theme, the best source for learning it can be presented as the WordPress Theme Developer’s Guide.

WordPress core developer

WordPress is an open source platform, so anyone can be a member of this community and develop and fix the WordPress core.

WordPress core development is a great way to develop your knowledge and can help you a lot in other projects. If you are a beginner developer or don’t know much about WordPress documentation, this is your chance to learn. In order to be with the professionals, you need to unconsciously improve yourself. And this work will make you progress over time.

On the official website of WordPress there is a section called WordPress Track, where you can express your ideas in the form of a card or present the bugs you have discovered.

WordPress website development

No matter how much time you spend developing WordPress sites and making your resume stronger, you can be sure that it will be a positive point in your personal brand as a WordPress developer.

Automattic is also the official developer of the WordPress content management system managed by Matthew Mullenweg. Every year it receives a large number of remote workers from all over the world.

WordPress developer is based on REST API

By providing a REST API platform in the WordPress system and on the other hand, the increasing growth of Front End technology in web programming and good approaches of frameworks like React or Vuejs or Gatsby. We encountered a phenomenon called a design project and a startup with WordPress, the name of WordPress Headless CMS.

In this method, we use WordPress only as the back end of the project and create a complete API platform for different platforms such as a mobile application, website, software, etc. and complement it by frameworks such as VueJS, meaning that we no longer use the WordPress template in these projects, and WordPress data is read in a certain place according to the principles The REST API.

Upgrading a WordPress website with REST API and Headless CMS

We can almost conclude that if you become a professional WordPress developer, there is almost no project in the IT industry that you cannot implement on the basis of WordPress and certainly in regards to upgrading a WordPress website.

What skills does a WordPress developer need?

In order to enter the job market as WordPress developers, we must have acceptable skills and use them well in projects.

Caution, caution, you have not learned how to work with WordPress and manage WordPress to an acceptable extent, such as how to publish content on a WordPress site, install a template or install a plugin and know the concepts of hosting and domains. Entering the world of WordPress developers may be a bit difficult for you. So the following is being said with the assumption that you are a WordPress site manager to begin with and can manage a WordPress site normally.

Familiarity with WordPress and the ability to solve problems within it

You need to know the basics of WordPress core. Concepts such as Post Type, WordPress Hook, familiarity with the WordPress database structure and the WPDB class. With this control established in you, you can now troubleshoot WordPress with deep insight.

WordPress product design

Let’s say we want to create a powerful support ticket system based on WordPress. First of all, you need to know how you want to progress on this path and this can only be done with one knowledge, and that is none other than mastering the WordPress documentation.

Knowledge of Internet programming tools and languages ​​- WordPress website development

For a developer, programming languages ​​are powerful tools. The more deeply and professionally you learn these languages. You can create more powerful services and save your working time.

The skills a WordPress developer needs in this path include:

HTML or Hypertext Markup Language: The basis of web pages on the Internet is based on HTML. So you need to know HTML well in the first step. Bootstrap is one of the popular frameworks in this field that can increase your speed in rendering HTML creations. Right now on this page you can press Ctrl+U in your browser to view the HTML codes for this page from the actual WordPress Academy site.

Css or Cascading Style Sheets : In general, CSS is responsible for the visual beauty and framing of web pages. If you create text with HTML, you can tell that text to be displayed in blue by Css.

JavaScript or JavaScript: I strongly emphasize this because the WordPress perspective goes in this direction according to the Gutenberg editor. Learn JavaScript professionally, next step fully train yourself with the JQuery library, and finally switch to the React framework to develop the Gutenberg editor blocks.

WordPress website development – personal home page

PHP or the personal home page: The PHP programming language is one of the most popular programming languages ​​on the web, with which the WordPress system is also programmed and… it accompanies you on the way to WordPress development.

MYSQL or My Sequel : If you know software programming standards, you know that one of the main parts of any software is the database. By default, WordPress is based on a MYSQL database. You must have sufficient skills in this area, especially database connection with PHP language and class queries such as WP_Query or WP_User_Query or WP_Comment_Query and WPDB.

The version control tool is used to manage software versions. Currently, the WordPress repository is based on the SVN system. As a WordPress developer, you need to master these version control systems