WordPress website promotion – how to promote a website?

WordPress website promotion is a process based on organic website promotion and sponsored promotion. There is a saying that says, “Content is king,” but this is only part of the truth. What is missing is “marketing is the way.” Promotion of WordPress sites with unique and valuable content is very important, but the right promotion is what decides whether the site will be read and the products will sell. Good SEO for WordPress content is essential for small entrepreneurs, bloggers, and large online stores. The question is, “How do I reach customers easily with content?”

Promotion of WordPress sites - SEO
Promotion of WordPress sites – SEO

There are several strategies for promoting content on WordPress. Robert Penn, marketer and entrepreneur, in his article “The 80/20 rule for developing a blog audience,” claims that it is better to invest 20% of your time in creating content and 80% of your time in promotion. Other experts claim that this time can be divided equally in half (50:50). Of course, a lot depends on the type of business, the stage of development, the budget, etc. Sometimes it’s worth devoting a little more time to website content, which can take many forms (content, graphics, movies, podcasts, online seminars, etc.), and whose creation requires personal, financial, and time resources. However, certainly, the promotion strategy is a necessary part of online business and must be planned in advance.

What are the ways to promote a website? WordPress promotion

There are plenty of free and paid promotion opportunities to suit your abilities. Thanks to the simplicity and functionality of WordPress as a content management system, it can be implemented relatively easily. However, if we focus on free activities, the cost will be time.

SEO promotion: website promotion for small businesses

Small business  SEO is the most important way to promote your website because it determines whether the page will be found by users. Statistics show that up to 90% of website traffic comes from Google search results, i.e., organic results. According to Advanced Web Ranking Research, TOP5 search engine results account for 67.23% of clicks. The other items (6–10) make up only 3.33% of the website visits.

Promotion of WordPress sites - SEO

SEO and organic promotion

SEO organic promotion is very important to reach the first results in Google; therefore, it is necessary to carry out all the activities related to the optimization of the website structure, graphics, videos, and other website components. You should add a “blog” tab to your website, publish content on it regularly, and thus obtain additional content for promotion, which can be distributed, for example, on social networks. It is important to take care of SEO all the time. Plugins will help with this, as they constantly identify inaccuracies in SEO and help create better content for the search engine when promoting WordPress sites. Of course, in the process of optimizing the website for SEO, fast page loading without pop-up errors and website security are key.

Website promotion: what is organic website promotion?

Website promotion includes sponsored promotion and organic promotion. However, organic website promotion does not only include promotion through content writing but also marketing on social networks and even creating and sending a newsletter. This is another channel of communication with the customers, which is now more and more intensified due to the personal nature of the mailing and the message that does not disappear on an overly busy Facebook board. Mailing can play different roles: informative, persuasive, and sales, and their common denominator is developing relationships with customers. The newsletters contain additional materials that the customer will not find anywhere else, including discounts, promotions, and personal messages. You can also attach a video or a podcast to them. You should also consider the option of a gift for signing up for the newsletter.

Google Analytics

What is WordPress promotion? – SEO promotion

WordPress promotion is a website promotion based on the WordPress operating system that allows you to add pages, different users, plugins, and even manage the website to make edits.

WordPress site promotion

WordPress is the most common website management system, and about 10% of websites are powered by it. WordPress site promotion allows you to optimize the site by writing content for the blog and developing the site in a responsive manner so that it is suitable for both mobile and desktop computers. WordPress gives you tools to edit the site and perform search engine optimization (SEO) in a way that is convenient for you.

Website promotion in social networks—newsletter

Promotion to repeat visitors is how we get readers who are genuinely interested in what we send them. There are free newsletter mailing plans (e.g., you can send MailChimp for free to 2,000 subscribers).

Website promotion for small businesses: WordPress website promotion

Small business website promotion through social media channels is also extremely common. Depending on the type of business, different communication channels will be needed. Website promotion and marketing on social networks known to everyone, such as Facebook, which has the most users, estimated at 2.3 billion, and is a place for website promotion for every industry, There are many social media channels that are successful, for example, fashion, photography, gastronomy, do-it-yourself (DIY), beauty (Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter), and generally LinkedIn business communication. Another issue is establishing contact with the recipients of the content, i.e., responding to comments, initiating discussions, organizing contests, etc.

Paid advertising: WordPress website promotion

There are several options for website promotion: sponsored advertising on Facebook, in search results, or promotion on Instagram. Effective advertising will allow you to quickly reach your message and obtain new customers or recipients. Facebook Ads allows you to target your ads very precisely and is a complement to the free organic promotion.

sponsored campaign on Facebook

Sponsored advertising on Facebook is done by creating a Facebook campaign customized to the needs of the product. The effectiveness of marketing on Facebook in a sponsored way is that Facebook allows you to choose the target audience in a targeted manner according to ages, regions, population types, and more. The promotion is done by choosing a desired budget and can be followed from the campaign board.

Tiktok promotion: TIKTOK

Website promotion on Tiktok is a way that many are unaware of and ignore, even though Tiktok is a social network that is gaining momentum and is overtaking older social networks. TikTok allows you to post short videos about your site and products, depending on what you post. You can advertise on TikTok both organically and through sponsorship. We are experts in this too.


Website promotion in social networks

It’s good to think about where we want to show ourselves, because creating content takes some time and energy. Therefore, sometimes it is better to be moderate, to activate fewer channels, while maintaining quality.
Installing an SSL certificate. This is an important topic in terms of SEO, positioning and SEO, as well as website security. Those sites that don’t have it are marked as dangerous and end up lower in the search results. Google and Mozilla also report that non-SSL sites will be penalized.

SSL secure website
SSL – secure website

Website promotion for small businesses: creating an email list

small business website promotion by developing a network of contacts within a website or blog. This can be done, for example, through recommendations on the site, comments on the entries of other entrepreneurs or bloggers, or guest visits. You should do research in groups that collect recipients who may be interested in our services, for example, on Facebook. Frequent participation may result in collaboration, offline meetings, or even publication by, for example, industry authorities.

WordPress promotion: what else should you pay attention to?

The decisive factor in SEO organic promotion is the usefulness of the content. Therefore, it is crucial to research the target group and adapt the content in a way that will be interesting for the readers. How do you know the preferences of customers or readers? You should do market research, talk to the recipients of the content, and prepare surveys. Otherwise, even the best promotion methods will not fulfill their role.

SEO consultant: what is an SEO consultant?

What is an SEO consultant, and do you need one? In order to answer this question, you must know whether you need website promotion and whether you understand the field of website promotion in a way that allows you to carry out the promotion you need correctly. If the answer is yes, you probably don’t need an SEO consultant, but if the answer is no, you’ve come to the right place. The role of an SEO consultant is to advise you regarding the promotion of your website or store in the search engines. This is where the term SEO comes from, which means search engine optimization. The right strategy for your website depends on what you sell, what you have already done, how much time you have, the existing competition, your budget, and other parameters.

After a full inspection of your website and a conversation with you, it will be possible to examine what exactly you need for your website and what needs to be done in order to optimize it.
your website and promote you in the various search engines and social networks.

SSL certificate: SEO promotion

Years of experience in the SEO promotion industry, website development, and cyber security have done their job. We created promotion and security methods without any tricks. An SSL certificate and protected domain addresses are extremely important to your website and give up to 256-bit encryption and security to your store. In addition, there are various methods that provide security for your store and website. It is very important to pay attention to the security of the website if there are sensitive details such as credit cards or details about your company.