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When developing a WordPress website, you don’t need any programming knowledge to design posts and pages individually. WordPress site development replaces or complements your website construction with the usual editor and comes with many development elements such as galleries, buttons, and text areas that can be dragged and dropped to connect. But there is more than just one WordPress website builder. Here are 15 different plugins that will help you grow faster on WordPress.

Website builders (page builders) in WordPress have improved significantly in recent years and offer many features that simplify, but we still don’t use them for multiple reasons. While they make page creation easier and can be useful when you’re developing websites for clients, they have many drawbacks that slow down the website. Let’s take a closer look at the WordPress Page Builder!

Website builders often have drag-and-drop elements that allow for rapid development of concepts, designs, and even website editing. For this reason, we will highlight some of the best WordPress page builders.

Guide to the Development of a WordPress Site

Using drag-and-drop WordPress themes can save you a lot of time as a developer. However, there are other benefits to WordPress website builders, including:

WordPress site development
Developing a WordPress sales website

Create mockups faster with WordPress. When you’re in the early planning stages of a new project, it’s not uncommon to create mockups for your pages. Using drag-and-drop WordPress themes greatly speeds up the process and gives you the ability to give your customers even more options to choose from. Ability to create reusable templates: You can use the WordPress page builder to create page templates. Website builders not only simplify the website creation process, They also offer you the ability to create and reuse a template from these blocks using drag and drop. Faster web page editing and style changes: When customers request changes, you can implement them much faster than if you had to manually code them yourself.

Developing a WordPress sales website

When developing a WordPress sales website, there are a variety of features that should be noted that exist on a website for sale. Even if you are an expert in various programming languages, creating or implementing complex functions by hand is time-consuming. WordPress themes and drag-and-drop page builders incorporate complex features using blocks that you drag into your design. This means you can offer your customers more features and services.

If you have 5, 50, or 500 products in your WordPress store, we’ll show you how to make it easy.

WordPress website builder: WooCommerce

WooCommerce offers many elements that you can use to create your own layout: buttons, headers, animations, galleries, and many more. This scope can be expanded without limitation by installing special Elementor plugin pages. Integration is also possible with WooCommerce and many more extensions and themes that provide their own WooCommerce blocks.

WooCommerce comes with over 30 elements in the free version as well as 60 ready-made layouts for a quick start. There are 26 additional modules in the pro version, such as menus, tables, and price lists. They are especially useful if you want to integrate social media or display WooCommerce products.

An excellent theme builder worth mentioning: it gives you a framework to create your own theme layouts for different types of posts and pages—no programming knowledge required, entirely from Elementor components. All layouts you create in this WordPress page builder can be reused on the same page or others. Developing a WordPress sales website

Main features of the development of a WordPress site

Developing a WordPress website is characterized by a drag-and-drop style, WordPress website design themes, and plugins, and therefore they are the best website builders. Developers will appreciate the key features that make the site builder so useful, including:

Ready-made design blocks or drag-and-drop modules: These modules can include paragraphs, images, charts, and more complex site features such as image galleries and custom

Standard widgets, timers, and carousels They can also include page layout options such as columns. Instant style selection: Trust the site builder to provide you with customization features. You can change things like fonts, colors, styles, and sizes using sliders or drop-down menus.

Developing a WordPress site

A WordPress website developer is usually familiar with the plugins for WordPress site development and has a variety of templates to choose from. So, while you can design a website from scratch using visual blocks or modules, you can also choose a template or theme to start the design process. Add-ons that expand the functionality: In addition to the basic website structure, most of the options in this guide offer add-ons that enable additional integrations and functionality. The WordPress site builder has the ability to customize blocks or modules and save them for later use. Once you’ve inserted the modules and your site looks good, you can use the block again.

WordPress website price

To know what the price of a WordPress website is, you need to calculate many factors. It’s more or less like buying a car. The basic version may cost a little, but as you start adding more options, it becomes clear that the value of your dream car will double. In addition, the purchase price is also affected by the choice of manufacturer. The costs of creating websites are similar.

It may be enough to create a simple website that will be in the lower price range to meet the requirements related to company development. Maybe you need an advanced web application to even exist in a group with strong competition. Leave such guesses to the competition and follow us for the specific details. In this article, you will learn how we develop, build, and design a website.

How much does it cost to build a WordPress site?

The answer to the question of how much it costs to build a WordPress website depends on the type of website, its level of development, the content management system (CMS) WordPress, the design, and finally the website itself. These are just a few variables that affect how much it costs to build a WordPress site. Very often, what is most valuable is hidden in the part of the website that is invisible to the naked eye, that is, in the code. Designing simple website templates can take at least a few days, but they will not have many functions offered by WordPress, for example, a content management system (CMS), as mentioned below. 

The price of WordPress site development

When calculating the price of WordPress site development, you should know that there is a difference between a WordPress site and a static site.

Websites are divided into two main types:

  1. Static sites—you cannot manage them yourself. If you have the right knowledge of programming, you can edit such a site, but it is much more complicated than with a CMS. Today, the main arguments for creating such sites are loading speed and security.
  2. CMS-based websites In the content management system on your website, you have access to the management panel. Once logged in, you can easily manage your site using a very friendly and intuitive text editor and page builders. It is better to create a website with an open-source CMS. The most popular in the WordPress industry leads the way. We’d love to talk about why we recommend open source at the meeting.

WordPress site development

If you are looking for a WordPress website builder, you are probably looking for someone who understands the topic of WordPress website development and perfect template pages. This is when we plan to choose a design and brand for our business, create an MVP version, and study the market. However, we recommend not creating templated pages if we care about the highest code quality, loading speed, or long-term support and development.

To understand whether a WordPress website builder is suitable for your website, you must know what features you want to add to it and whether the WordPress website meets these requirements.

WordPress site price

WordPress site prices, for example:

Website builder in WordPress

Responsive websites based on a content management system are usually more expensive than static websites. There is a reason: then we have a much larger selection of options and functionality, which often reach the level of an advanced web application, i.e., a project focused on interaction with the user (for example, an application for ordering or selling). The CMS itself is also necessary in the event that we plan to collect data on the site, for example, data sent from the form, data on orders, or where a user login system is needed.

The 16 best plugins for WordPress site development

Below is a list of the best WordPress page builder plugins available on the market today. There’s a mix of free and premium tools here, so if you’re a developer, you can find something to suit you at any stage of your career. let’s go!

Developing a WordPress site with WPBakery

Over 4,300,000 WordPress users use the WPBakery Page Builder.

WPBakery is currently the most popular plugin for developing a WordPress website. It used to be called Visual Composer but has since been spun off as a separate tool, and the site builder features have remained with WPBakery.

The WPBakery website builder serves as a front-end and back-end website builder that allows you to create responsive designs. With many templates and lots of flexibility, this is a solid choice.

What is the WPBakery website builder? WPBakery is one of the pioneers in the field of developing WordPress websites. The former Visual Composer has been renamed WPBakery. This new WordPress page builder focuses on the visual editing of content such as posts or pages.

Since WPBakery has been around for a long time, you’ll find many built-in layouts and blocks like boxes, icons, text blocks, and charts that you can use to design your content. In addition, many third-party vendors offer thousands of useful elements for an expressive look and more than 250 integrations with other major plugins, such as WooCommerce.

WordPress site development process

The WordPress site builder should work with any theme. This compatibility is probably due to the fact that all elements are combined using short codes. If you cancel the plugin, the shortcodes will remain in your content.

The interface is intuitive but not updated, requires manual writing, and is significantly slower than the competition. However, the advantages of this WordPress page builder may outweigh the disadvantages, depending on the intended use.

main features:

WPBakery can be used with almost any WordPress theme. 50+ items of content; built-in skin builder for quick item design extensive template library Fully extensible via the WordPress website builder API, Advanced Web Builder Dedicated support  Monday through Saturday

Advantages of WPBakery:

Many content elements are also available from other providers. Integration with over 250 well-known plugins Many design templates

Developing a WordPress site for business

When developing a WordPress website for businesses, you should pay attention to the following details:

Slow interface

Partially crowded  Parts of the interface are not updated.

“Thumbnail” or “Small”

There is no auto-save function.

Developing a WordPress site for experienced businesses and beginners The plugin is easy to use, fully functional, and makes it easy to use ready-made templates or create your own.

Price: A standard license of the WPBakery Page Builder plugin costs $45 and includes upgrades, premium support, and access to a library of templates for use on a single page. The extended license costs $245 and includes updates, premium support, and theme integration. It can be used for a single SaaS application.

Visual Composer builds websites.

Website Visual Composer is now a complete website builder.

After the developers launched WPBakery Page Builder, it looked like the end of Visual Composer. In fact, they worked hard on it and created not only a WordPress page builder but also a complete website builder. This is what the visual editor says, according to p.

With it, you can change not only the content without programming knowledge but also other areas of the WordPress page layout, such as the footer or header.

With Visual Composer, you can edit the content and layout directly in the frontend and work with many adjustable elements. The user interface is modern, docked or floating, and allows you to quickly reach results after training.

Do you want to create an online store using WooCommerce? We’ll show you the basics. Learn more

You’ll also get access to the Visual Composer hub, which has 100 content items and 100 page layouts that you can download and use. Competing WordPress page builders usually have these elements built in and do not require additional downloads.

Advantages of developing a WordPress website with Visual Composer:

Developing a WordPress website allows text and layout to be edited directly on the page. Attractive layouts can be created with a little training. Visual Composer Hub with many extensions 3-in-1 solution:  front-end editor and tree view Programming interface  Elements can be hidden and re-displayed later. supports CSS and JavaScript editing.

Disadvantages of the Visual Composer website:

Undo and redo do not work correctly. Parts of the interface are outdated; for example, the image size must be entered as a word.

My tip: You can find a detailed comparison between WPBakery Page Builder and Visual Composer here.

Elementor: Development of a WordPress Site

One of the most popular WordPress page builders is Elementor.

Elementor is one of the best free WordPress page builders. Although it offers premium pricing, the free version gives you access to a drag-and-drop page editor, 40 widgets, 30 templates, and responsive editing. Elementor becomes even more impressive when you get to the premium features.

Although the WordPress page builder called Elementor is one of the youngest, it already works on over half a million websites. The quick success is probably the result of a successful interface and excellent ease of use.

Developing a landing page with WordPress

With WordPress, you can create landing pages and easily edit posts, pages, user-defined content, and even category pages, both in the frontend and in the backend. This means that you don’t have to design your content in the admin area, but you can see it directly from the visitor’s point of view and change it in the WordPress page builder using drag and drop.

Developing a WordPress site with Elementor

The free version already has many templates and features. Layouts can be defined flexibly and accurately. Fast and smooth editing mode, including real-time editing in front-end mode There are many high-quality elements that can be quickly adjusted and used. Elementor users also receive new elements and templates from many third-party providers. Deactivation leaves no junk. The Shortcode Pro version comes with a popup builder, a visual form generator, animations, and special effects that allow you to create engaging content. Element supports translations with plugins such as WPMLD Developer Interfaces available.

Developing a WordPress website: experience

This is the best WordPress website builder for anyone who only has one website or wants to try the website builder for free. Elementor’s premium plans stand out for their good pricing for developers.

Price: Elementor has free and premium options. The personal plan costs $49 per year for one site and includes the entire free plan plus the features listed above. The other plans come with all the same features but adjust the number of pages you can use Elementor on. The Plus plan is $99 per year for use on three sites, and the Expert plan is $199 per year for use on 1,000 sites.