What’s new in WordPress 6.3

WordPress 6.3 – What’s new?

Every few months WordPress relapses a new update which fixes previous version’s bugs, security flaws and adds new functionalities to the CMS and to the overall website editing experience. Lets explore some of the latest features in the new WordPress version 6.3:

Menu Editing got easier – again, finally

Well, let’s phrase it like that; menu editing and the overall user experience got really buggy and frustrating since the latest major release of WordPress 6. Editing a simple menu that took a few minutes before version 6 went to be a process that can take an hour to figure out, and even to a need of downgrading to previous wordpress theme which had simple menu editing experience.

With that said, WordPress 6.3 fixes most of those issues , especially the Menu editing, which now can be done with ease from the Site Editor panel.

WordPress 6.3

How to edit WordPress 6 menu

First, make sure to update to the latest version of wordpress . If you are on the latest version, skip this step. If not, updating wordpress to the latest version can be done by going to the wordpress dashboard, pressing on the upgrade circle icon on top and finally pressing on the upgrade wordpress version button.

Next, go to the Site Editor by pressing the “site editor” button on top of the wordpress dashboard.

Click on the menu and make sure it is selected. to now you can add items from the control pnael on the right.

If you dont have a menu yet and want to create a new one then simply click where you want to add the menu to, choose add or plus button, write the word menu and select the menu block item.


WordPress 6.3 added few fatures and tools to the theme design sidebar. Some of them are the abilty to add padding, specific dimension and classes to specific blocks like the menu block, In addition, a new version control like feature was added to the editing and revision of site blocks. That gives you an option if you want to return to a specific stage before changes were made.

WordPress 6 performance boost

According to WordPress, few improvements were made to the API and functioning of the CMD allowing asynchronous calls, lazy loading for images and  fetch priority support for images..

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