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SoCooll is a unique and personal website development studio offering web development and SEO services all over the globe. While developing a website, we might ask ourselves what are the best ways to design and develop websites? Website design refers to the presentation format and the graphic design of the pages of the website, which represent the content and contents of the website. Web design is the visual effect of the site’s purpose and is the first part of a web page that engages the public’s mind.

Website development studio

A web development studio actually takes into account the purpose of the site and its audience. By using design elements suitable for the site’s approach, and with the help of our creative designer’s mind and artistic taste in choosing the right use of dimensions and colors, he creates a design that has unity in all pages of the site. Don’t make your audience get bored. The website must use a fixed pattern on the pages, so that the user, when viewing the pages, will understand that all the pages belong to the same website.

Web development studio
Website development studio

Web development studio – unique personal website design

SoCooll website development 2023 – among our services are:

Bespoke web design company

As a Bespoke web design company we provide different kinds of custom designs, just like we did on our own website.. We use different kinds of software solutions to make us reach a point of creativity while thinking outside the box in order to create a web app or website with a personal branding and quality custom design. These techniques include not using a predefined format, not using a content management system (CMS), and others.

How and when did web development start?

Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the Internet, made his name as the first web developer in history by setting up a website in August 1991. On his first website, he used hypertext and email linking. In the beginning, websites were written in simple HTML code, a type of coding language that gave websites a simple structure, including headings and paragraphs, and the ability to link to other web pages with hypertext. Compared to other methods, this was a fresh and different way where users could simply open linked pages with a browser.

Website design and development studio

Coding language

As the web and its art of design evolved, its coding language, Hypertext or HTML, became more complex and flexible. Tools such as tables, which were primarily used to display data graphs, were soon misused for hidden layouts on web pages. With the advent of Cascading Web Templates or CSS, the wrong way of designing with hidden tables on a page has been replaced by the correct use of CSS.

Database integration technologies, such as server-side scripting languages ​​such as CGI, PHP, ASP.NET, ASP, JSP, and modern design standards with templates (CSS), restructure websites. They changed and made developing a site more advanced.

If you want to learn about the topic of website development, you can read our article on website development .

Also, with the arrival of animated graphics and animation technologies for pages, such as Flash, the face of the Internet changed more than before, and new capabilities were given to media creators and web designers, and new capabilities and functions of browsers for HTML.

Custom website designing company

Custom website designing company can help you build a website. but what is a website exactly? A website is a collection of different files, including images, texts or programming files, linked together for a specific purpose. These files are located on a “host” or “server” computer and are referred to as a common domain name.

Website development studio – types of websites:

The sites are divided into several categories according to the application and the type of programming, which are:

Static websites: these websites are designed once and the required information is inserted into them, and then a designer is needed to change them to a professional or semi-professional website. The programming language of such sites is usually HTML and Java Script, which are also used in a more developed version of CSS.

Custom WordPress design company – Using code

Since a smaller amount of code is used in custom wordpress design websites, they have a high loading speed. In addition, reducing the size of the codes, which makes the site more readable by the search robots, on the one hand, and reducing the loading time, on the other hand, improves their situation in terms of scoring or “ranking” in the search engines. Permanent sites also have a lower studio construction price than other sites.

Static Websites

Static Websites are website that are created by a bunch of static HTML files ,CSS, JavaScript and few more coding languages. There few advantages in this type of websites but also disadvantages. The impossibility of making changes to sites of this type by ordinary people, in addition to increasing security, will can have graphics and a beautiful appearance, because everything is fixed, including the texts and the size of the images, as well as all the elements have a specific and fixed location, as a result, you can make the best decision for the location of each component.

But on the other hand, the inability to make changes by ordinary people makes it impossible to update the site by the owners and administrators of the site.

Static websites are suitable for individuals, companies and organizations that need to change the content of the website at most once or twice a year.

Dynamic sites:

The content of dynamic sites can be modified after construction by ordinary people who have access to the site’s content management system. The programming language of dynamic websites can be different based on the need, but mostly ASP, ASP.Net and Php languages ​​are used and auxiliary languages ​​CSS and Silver light or Ajax are also used to create special features.

In this type of sites, the skeleton of the site is first created by the designer, and then the content is changed by the site administrators, like a contract form created once by one person and filled out many times by other people, and hence the designer is responsible for the exact position and size of the texts And he doesn’t know about the pictures and the other elements that will be changed later by the site administrators, so he has no choice but to consider all the situations and this causes the graphics and the site’s effect to be reduced to a certain extent.

One of the advantages of dynamic websites is that there are no restrictions to create, change or delete content, images and pages, etc.

Website development studio – programming languages

Due to the fact that advanced programming languages ​​are used in dynamic websites, many features can be created in them, such as creating smart pages, forms and complex searches.

Excessive use of codes slows down the loading of the site and its ranking in the search engines.

Dynamic websites are suitable for individuals, companies and organizations that need to change the content of the website more than twice a year.

Portals: Portals are comprehensive dynamic sites that pursue several specific goals in one site, in other words, it can be called the sum of several dynamic sites assembled to achieve a specific goal. For example, a news portal can consist of several dynamic sites, each of which provides its administrators with special features such as company registration, news publication, photo publication, surveys, etc.

All the features of a dynamic website can also apply to a portal.

Portals are usually purchased by organizations, groups and companies. Due to the need to update the different parts of their management by one person, it is very difficult unless you consider it at least a part-time job.

Static and dynamic flash website – a studio for development personal websites

Flash or animation sites are two types of static and semi-dynamic and they are created by special software, in some cases XML or Action Script are used to create change capabilities or intelligence on these sites.

In general, permanent (static) Flash sites cannot be changed and like permanent sites, they are created once by the designer, and to change it, professional or semi-professional knowledge in Flash design is needed.

But semi-dynamic or semi-dynamic Flash sites work like dynamic sites and can be changed, but changing them is not as simple as dynamic sites and the scope of changes is much more limited.

One of the advantages of Flash websites is their magic. Beautiful graphics and attractive animations. But one of their biggest disadvantages is that the information contained in them cannot be read by search robots and especially the very low loading speed.

Flash websites are suitable for individuals and groups or companies and organizations that do not need advertising and are known to the general public, such as singers, politicians, actors and music groups, famous hotels, tourist places.

Website development studio – programming and use of coding language

Websites equipped with content management systems (Content Management Systems): Websites equipped with content management systems, referred to by the term CMS, which is an abbreviation of content management system, are portal-type websites or dynamic websites that are designed for specific purposes by professional designers or companies that create professional designs.

All the advantages and disadvantages of dynamic websites apply to websites equipped with a content management system.

Of course, it must be remembered that dynamic websites and portals are also equipped with content management systems, but what is different about CMS is their design and their content management systems for specific purposes.

One of the advantages of content management systems over other dynamic websites is their readiness and comprehensiveness. Therefore, most of these sites can be installed and used in less than 3 working days.

CMS website design is like a product line, and since the designer has to mass-produce limited samples, he tries to meet all the principles of security, graphics, things related to ranking and search engine scores and other effective things.

Considering their advantages, it is recommended for all individuals, organizations and companies that have the conditions to have dynamic websites to first look for content management systems specific to their work and if they are not found, to turn to dynamic website design.

Advantages of using the website – website development studio

Websites have many advantages for their managers and owners, the most important of which are as follows:

The effect of the site on the information: having a site is like a catalog, but with many other advantages. A catalog can include images and texts, but a website can also use images, texts, video and audio or animation, so it allows comprehensive information with more attractive content. To design, print and publish each copy of the catalog requires payment, but for a website it is enough to pay a very low fee for its construction and maintenance, and then thousands or millions of users can use it again and again.

The effect of the website on marketing

Search engines do marketing for you at no cost, it is enough for their robots to find your website and then when a person searches for any of the services or products or information provided on your website, these engines will direct the person to the website. you lead The amount of visitors directed to the site depends on many parameters, but in the worst case, something like 50 people per day are directed to the site by the search engines.

Studio for developing websites – creating new advertising capabilities

With a website, its owners and managers enter the field of e-commerce and the possibility of using e-commerce solutions arises for them, the most important of these capabilities are internet advertising, search engine advertising, click advertising and changing banners. And the link indicated.

Availability: The site is always just one click away from those looking for information and products or services that can be provided by it, and is active at all hours of the day and on holidays.

Software development studio

Activity outside geographical borders: Today, one of the components of activity without borders is a website, and almost no one can claim to be operating outside geographical borders without a website.

Income generation: The level of profitability and income generation of the sites depends on the type of site and its goals, of course the level of activity of the site owners and updating and handling them is a very important factor. But today there are many companies and people who operate only through the website and their main income is through the website and online customers.

Software development studio uses Website Design: A website is a collection of information on a particular topic or subject. The website design specifies the arrangement and structure of the web pages that will make up the website. A web page contains information about the purpose of creating the website. Imagine a website like a book where each web page would be a page of the book.

Web development studio

In the website development studio, different aspects must be considered that are always added following the growing progress of the Internet. For general business websites, among the main ones:

Site hierarchy and development

The content, the essence of the words and the information on the site must be in accordance with the purpose of the site and target a variety of public looking for the information provided on the site.

The site should be understandable and it should be easy to connect to it even for an audience that is not familiar with the network. If the site is large enough and contains a lot of information, the directory information should be used in such a way that it is quickly available to the viewer.

The view of the work should be general and cover the entire page so that it can inspire stability and stability. The writing style should be beautiful and special and fit the audience’s taste and the site’s content.

When writing the texts and information that the audience is looking for, it should be enlarged to make the viewer think that this is what they were looking for.

Also, the site should be easily found on the Internet and, if possible, placed at the top of the search lists, although this is not always the case, at least in the main search engines.

A website usually contains text and images. The first page of a website is called the homepage or index page. Some websites use a page that is usually called a home page. This page may include items such as a welcome message, language selection, geographic region selection, or a disclaimer in some cases. Each web page within a website is an HTML file that has its own URL