Professional construction of responsive websites

 Professional construction of responsive websites with a website builder includes:

Developing a website – get to know our offer and the cost of the website

You run a company, offer services and products, your customers return, but there are still too few of them for you to fully unfurl the sails. We know the reason – an outdated website, poorly positioned, not very functional or – worse – the lack of it. Below we will explain how much it costs to create websites that will improve the image and sales. Read what the website development process is – the investment cost depends on this process.

Website builder

The price of development a website

The cost of development a website depends on many factors. It’s more or less like buying a car. The basic version may cost a little, but as you start adding more options, it becomes clear that the value of your dream car will double. In addition, the purchase price is also affected by the choice of manufacturer. The costs of creating websites are similar.

Website builder – CMS panel

A website builder is responsible for choosing the type of website, its level of development, the selected content management system (CMS), multilingualism and finally the website itself. These are just a few variables that affect how much it costs to create websites. Very often  , what is most valuable is hidden in the part of the website that is invisible to the naked eye, that is, in the code . Designing simple website templates can take at least a dozen or so hours, but they won’t have many of the functions offered by, say, a content management system (CMS), mentioned below. Choosing a website builder to build a website with a CMS is important when we plan to test our business, create a landing page or a small store to study the market. However, we recommend not creating templated pages if we care about the highest code quality, loading speed, or long-term support and development.

It may be enough to create a simple website that will be in the lower price range to meet the requirements related to company development. Maybe you need an advanced web application to even exist in the group of strong competition. Leave such guesses to the competition   and follow us to the specific details  . From the article you will learn how we develop, build and design a website.

Website design and construction – website builder

With the SoCooll website builder, a specific page design and the website design in HTML/PHP/MySQL/CSS technology are chosen for you while complying with W3C speed response standards (interaction page moves to the browser window) which includes a CMS content management system.

How much does it cost to set up a website?

The type of website, its level of development, the content management system (CMS) chosen, multilingualism and finally the website itself are just a few variables that affect how much it costs to build websites. Very often  , what is most valuable is hidden in the part of the website that is invisible to the naked eye, that is, in the code . Designing simple website templates can take at least a dozen or so hours, but they won’t have many of the functions offered by, say, a content management system (CMS), mentioned below. Template pages are perfect when we plan to test our business, create an MVP version to study the market. However, we recommend not creating templated pages if we care about the highest code quality, loading speed, or long-term support and development.

Example website prices:

Construction of a Shopify website

In addition to development landing pages, we also create online stores using the popular WordPress plugin – WooCommerce and CMS systems such as Shoper or Shopify. If you are interested in setting up a website or store that will sell well, you have come to the right place.

Developing a Shopify website – price starts from NIS 6,000 and includes:

Website design and construction – WordPress

WordPress is popular among developers and designers alike.

It is characterized by drag and drop which greatly simplifies the website creation process. It offers a website builder plugin and framework theme to help developers create websites quickly and reduce their uptime. It is reliable and simple. Compared to competitors, WordPress website builder places a lot of emphasis on performance and stability – instead of an infinite number of features. You’ll get design results like the competition, but first you’ll spend time learning the rules and learning how to operate without a large library of components.

Once you get used to the user interface, you will find that WordPress is a powerful tool that works reliably. Unlike most competitors of WordPress website builders, shortcodes are not created here, but layouts are defined directly using HTML and CSS.

main features:

Live and front-end editing Responsive and mobile-friendly designs Shortcodes, widgets and WooCommerce support Enabling editor mode to transfer pages to customers Full support Several easily embeddable modules

Advantages of WordPress:

The version offers important core features Excellent editing front-end with quick switch to real-time preview mode does not generate shortcodes but HTML and CSS.

Best WordPress page builder for: Developers who want multiple module options.

WordPress website builder

A website builder uses WordPress because it is one of the most popular on the market that allows you to visually build entire websites and is based on drag and drop elements that can be easily modified, especially by instant text editing.

If you are logged in as an administrator, you can open a subpage in the foreground and edit the text. No need to open another window. Because you drag and drop the elements in the page builder – which sometimes works too imprecisely. This mode is a special view where positioning is much easier.

One of the disadvantages of these WordPress plugins is the large CSS file, which makes it difficult to make manual changes. Additionally, in edit mode, you’ll notice that performance slows down for complex layouts with many elements. That’s why we as a professional website builder do not use plugins for the most part.

Since it, like most other WordPress page builders, relies on shortcodes, your layouts will disappear once you uninstall the plugin. They only come back when you turn them on again. Still, it’s worth checking if the features are superior and there is an effective user guide.

Website builder

Visual and responsive editing on design modules 800 ready-made page layout packages Inline text editing Global elements and styles Undo and redo Complete functions of element matching CSS design options

A large CSS file is based on shortcodes and offers a large number of elements and layouts to choose from, so both new page owners and experienced designers can find something for themselves.

Global blocks are an interesting component. These are elements that you define centrally and then share with your other sites in the cloud. You can announce an event in a global block, and the announcement will be automatically visible on other pages that contain that global block. Another advantage of Breeze

There is an auto save feature that works better than the competition.

Real-time editing Drag and drop interface WordPress theme 400+ visual contact form templates Animated sliders Edge, corner, border and shadow fill adjustments, focus and zoom Global design support

Incredibly simple and smooth real-time editing directly in the front-end Over 150 ready-made content blocks Multiple professional layouts for different application scenarios Rapid creation of column layouts Extended user management with role assignment. Brizy Pro can also edit footers and headers. Actual information

When it comes to drag and drop WordPress themes and plugins, Thrive Architect simplifies the process of creating custom websites and landing pages.

main features:

Full drag-and-drop editing 278 landing page templates Various conversion elements to boost your blog business style to increase social shares Flexible column layouts Text and image combinations Customization of fonts

Best WordPress website builder for: Anyone who wants to build a sales-oriented website. Whether you want to build your mailing list, sell products, or encourage sharing, Thrive Architect will make it easy for you to achieve these goals.

Price: One license of Thrive Architect costs $67, and five licenses – $97. Or you can pay $19/month for 25 plugin licenses plus access to all other Thrive Themes plugins.

WP Page Builder

WP Page Builder is probably the best WordPress plugin for developers. This option streamlines the site development process with a full visual editor.

main features:

Drag and drop mobile page creation Customizable and responsive pages Predefined templates and blocks Widget support Undo/do options Customize fonts, styles, colors and layouts

We also offer the best WordPress site builder course for: both beginners and experienced developers.


Since WordPress 5.0, Gutenberg is the new default WordPress page editor.

After the appearance of the first creators on the market, WordPress developers began to develop their own version called Gutenberg, from WordPress 5.0 it is integrated with the CMS system by default. You can edit the content of your posts and pages in the backend and use various elements provided for this purpose. Full page layout editing is not yet possible in this page builder, but is planned.

Gutenberg’s current core features are similar to WPBakery Page Builder: quickly assemble content via drag and drop, publish and you’re done. Gutenberg is primarily intended for average WordPress users who want to redesign their content quickly. However, professionals expect more features from a WordPress page builder, such as front-end live editing, user-defined layouts, a large selection of elements, and advanced design using PHP and JavaScript.

Since Gutenberg comes from the creators of WordPress, the question is whether it will eventually replace other page builders. Stronger integration is more likely to occur. Elementor already shows an example of how this can work. The Gutenberg plugin is the same as templates with the Gutenberg editor.

WPBakery Page Builder follows a similar path: where Gutenberg blocks can be used together with other elements. It’s more of a connection than a competition. This benefits you as a user as you can enjoy the benefits of two WordPress page builders at the same time.

Since Gutenberg is free and included with current versions of WordPress, you don’t need to download and install the WordPress page builder. Additional third-party components are available as plugins in the WordPress library. These include Gutenberg Blocks and Stackable.

Advantages of Gutenberg:

No additional installation required Simple structure is good for simple content design

Disadvantages of Gutenberg:

No Front End Mode Other WordPress page builders offer more options

Disadvantages of page builder plugins compared to Gutenberg

There is definitely no shortage of plugins for development WordPress pages. Although they make it possible to speed up the creation and design process, they have some disadvantages compared to the classic editor or Gutenberg.

Added another plugin for development pages

Using a website builder plugin means you have to install one more plugin on your site. This may not be a problem if you only use a few plugins, but the more you add, the more likely you are to experience performance issues.

Taking the page builder plugin as an example, many users have reported that they get better page speed using Gutenberg than Elementor.

With the great holiday comes great responsibility

Not everyone is a designer, and page updates should be done by someone who understands the implications of changes. If your customers have easy access to a page builder plugin that makes it easy to create page layouts without code, they could make destructive changes to their website.

Potential short chaos

You might decide to use your favorite page builder plugin, but later decide to stop using it. If you disable the plugin, you must be prepared for shortcode chaos and broken website design.

In this case, not only do you need to fix the shortcode issues, but you also need to carefully recreate each of your page designs in another page builder plugin or find another solution.

Summary: The best WordPress page builders

The mentioned WordPress page builders are some of the best solutions you need for fast yet solid design. In addition to features, user experience is also important, so it’s worth trying each of the pages and only then make a decision.

If you would like to delve deeper into the future and development of WordPress page builders, we invite you to check out the following external posts:

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You can use the WordPress page builder and drag-and-drop WordPress themes – no matter where you are in your development career.

WordPress Themes’ drag-and-drop functionality and time-saving features make it a helpful resource for all developers. At least one of the page builders discussed here will be useful to you.

If you decide to use one of the best WordPress website builders, you need WordPress hosting you can trust. Raidboxes offers various programs for developers, agencies and freelancers. Please contact us if you want to know more.