Developing websites – the costs and what you need to know?

Developing a website according to search engine criteria is a very important step in order to get organic traffic to your site. Are you taking your first steps in business and still don’t have a website? Or maybe nothing has changed on your site for years? Contact us and we will create a website for you that will be the best showcase of the company. We provide a website development service in addition to creating professional website design and implementing solutions that make our clients’ websites work better, faster and more intuitively.
Only a website that works smoothly, is visually interesting and secure will encourage potential customers to use your services. Therefore, setting up a website is better left to professionals instead of risking implementing unproven solutions. It is worth remembering that at the moment the competition on the Internet is huge, so in order not to be left behind, you have to develop. In our daily work, we take into account not only purely technical issues, but also UI and UX, to make sure that the use of the websites we create will be convenient for users. Do you want to have a website that will be an effective tool for acquiring new customers? Contact us and we will create that exact website design you are looking for!

Developing websites – what technologies do we use?

Developing personalized and high-quality websites. Whether you already have your vision or you’re just looking for inspiration, we provide websites tailored to your needs and the reality of the industry in which you operate. We will make sure that the website gives your company recognition and credibility, and inspires the trust of the users.

We offer website development using technologies such as:

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Programming languages

Programming languages ​​are constantly evolving – so we stay up-to-date and always use up-to-date and safe solutions. We offer not only web design, but also several other activities related to internet marketing. Many customers stay with us longer, so we also support them during site expansion or change.

Developing websites and maintaining them afterwards will be much more difficult if you don’t have a suitable CMS, i.e. a content management system. Thanks to CMS, inserting, changing and expanding the content on the site is possible by using a simple editor, whose operation does not require special skills. We mainly use the most popular CMS in USA – WordPress. A wide selection of plugins, templates and themes allow us to create company websites tailored to customer expectations.

We also create online stores using the popular WordPress plugin – WooCommerce and CMS systems such as Shoper or PrestaShop. If you are interested in setting up a website or store that will sell well, you have come to the right place.

Do you need a website that will effectively promote a specific product or service? We offer web development that will perfectly present your products or services. We will use our business knowledge and technical skills to create an effective landing page for you, which will translate into a real increase in the number of leads obtained. We will design a transparent one-page website that encourages buying. We will skillfully present your products or services and create content focused on implementing specific business goals. See for yourself that your landing page effectively builds a positive brand image and generates conversions. Creating websites that sell is our specialty.

6 steps to development websites for your company

Through the prism of the website, potential customers evaluate your company, which is why its appearance and speed of operation are so important. In our agency, the creation of websites for companies is carried out in several stages in order to make sure that the project will be in accordance with your expectations and technically perfect.

Website development steps with SoCooll:

Interview – we will discuss your needs and preferences so that we can offer the best solution.
Concept – we will create an outline of the project, which will take into account, for example, the number of language versions or the content of the main menu,
graphic design – we will prepare a graphic layer that matches the visual identification of your company and is attractive to users,
coding – the web developer will join the website software so that it is compatible with all types of devices And the browsers,
tests – before delivering the site to you, we will make sure it works 100% correctly and is intuitive and safe for users,
submitting the project – when the site is ready and tested by us, we will publish the site and give you access to it.
Of course, using the site does not have to stop our cooperation. In case of doubts about technical problems or during operation

service, you can contact us. Developing a website is only the first step in development a brand image on the Internet. We will also be happy to take care of marketing activities to fully exploit the potential of your company.

Promote your brand with the help of website development

Developing a website is already a necessity for every entrepreneur. The cost of creating it can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the project, but it is worth remembering that this is an investment in greater profits and customer trust.

What do you gain when you build websites with SoCooll?

Responsive design

We design with mobile devices in mind, so that the site will be readable and convenient for every user.
Understanding the Industry
We will get involved in getting to know your industry to create a website that is ideally suited to its specifics.
User Interface Design / UX
A good user experience is a good website. We will use UI/UX design experience.

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SEO friendly websites
Our team consists not only of web developers, but also SEO experts. We share knowledge and news from the industry so that we can offer professional web development adapted to current trends. Our sites are not only secure and functional, but also prepared for SEO optimization. Thanks to the use of positioning knowledge, it is much easier to build the visibility of the pages we create. This is the best proof that the design of a website can largely determine its marketing potential.

Construction of a Shopify website

The price of development a Shopify site depends on the number of products you have to display on the site and what functions you want the site to perform. A normal store website for products starts from 2,000 USD for up to 15 products. What is the total price? The price of development a Shopify website includes:

The cost of development a website

As we said, the cost of development a website depends on several factors and starts from 1,500 and moves upwards as the website requires more functions and as it is more complex to build. All our standard websites come with a WordPress CMS management system and with the option to manage the website without a code list by you.

WordPress website price

To know what the price of a WordPress website is, you can look at the prices above and conclude how much it costs to build a WordPress website. If you need more information, you can enter our class on the price of development a WordPress website