A leading web development company – what are our tasks as developers?

A website development company, for all those of you who are looking for uniqueness and complexity to build your website . We know that you have read many times the proposals of such and such a professional website developer or about making an excellent and best website and yet you continue to look for a website development company. We are glad you found us. We won’t convince you, we’ll let you reach this conclusion yourself, because we believe in decisions that are made wisely, they are the basis for joint success. One of our tasks is the development of complex websites that challenge us all the time. There is no doubt that a complex website that works smoothly is our success and the challenge we set for ourselves every day. We develop special websites for companies, organizations and individuals who need a website with high performance capabilities and a large and complex database. In addition, development a website for those of you who are looking for a personal image website adapted to the nature of your service or business .

A website development company
A website development company


Website development company – what are our areas of activity as developers?

Many are faced with the question of what is meant by website development and what is the difference between a front end developer and a back end developer and what tasks does each of them perform? So keep reading. Suppose you open a new page in your computer’s web browser and enter the URL of a website and press the Enter key, and the corresponding website will load immediately. At a glance, you’ll see an incredibly clean layout with well-structured pages. People responsible for providing you with this experience are called web developers. In January 2023, the Internet contained more than a billion and a half websites, and that number is still rising. The people responsible for coding, development, analyzing and protecting these websites are called web developers. Today, in order for a business to remain competitive against its competitors, it must pay special attention to its website as an essential part, and with the development of website development trends and changes in the professional principles and rules in the website development industry, we must continue to be constantly updated with the technological innovations in the field of development.

Areas of work in website development  

Website development field, how should you know which type of development is right for you or which website is better to develop for your business? Web development is divided into three main trends: Front End, Back End and Full Stack. If you have already moved to HTML, JavaScript or even Python.

Website development: who is an end developer?

The part of a website that the user interacts with is called the Front End. Everything you see when you surf the web, from fonts and colors to drop-down menus and sliders, is a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code controlled by your computer’s web browser.

Skills and tools of a web development company

The front-end developer responsible for that part of a website’s code that the user encounters. He is tasked with establishing an efficient experience architecture. To implement these goals, a Front End developer must master three programming languages: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In addition, a Front End developer should be familiar with frameworks such as Bootstrap , Foundation, Backbone, AngularJS and EmberJS in order to use these languages ​​more easily. These frames make the content of the site, regardless of which device it is displayed on, displayed in an appropriate and attractive way. Also, the front end developer must know libraries like jQuery and LESS. These libraries group the code into useful tools and thus save time for the developer.

Front end developers – website development

Front-End Developers work closely with designers or UX analysts to prepare models or wireframes from development to delivery. Strong front-end developers can accurately identify user experience issues, recommend fixes, and submit their code for design changes. Also, Front End developers must be able to work closely and easily with other teams across the business to understand goals, needs and opportunities and then act on those guidelines.

Website development for companies and individuals

Web development is a very heavy responsibility, but at the same time, it can be a fulfilling and rewarding activity. As an experienced front-end developer with eight years of useful experience in this field, says: “I’m a technical person, but at the same time, I’m quite visual and I can change what I see on digital platforms and the codes are built naturally. “I like to influence the user interface, actually the part of an application or website that users see and interact with”. In general, the front-end developer responsible for the interior design of the house built by the back-end developer. Decoration design according to the taste of the home owner. For both the Front End team and his Back End, “Developers who work on the front end are more passionate about their work because they can really use their creativity. I like to influence the user interface, basically the part of an app or website that users see and interact with.

A website development company

In general, the front end developer is responsible for the interior design of the house built by the back end developer. Decoration design according to the taste of the home owner. As Apptix CMO Greg Matranga told both his front-end and back-end teams, “Developers who work on the front end are more passionate about their work because they can really unleash their creativity. “I love influencing the user interface, Basically the part of an application or website that users see and interact with.”

Back-end Developer

In general, the front end developer is responsible for the interior design of the house built by the back end developer. Decoration design according to the taste of the home owner. As Apptix CMO Greg Matranga told both his Front End and Back End teams, “Developers who work on the front end are more passionate about their work because they can really use their creativity.

A concrete example – a website development company

What you currently see on this site was created by a front-end developer. A designer designed the logo and graphic elements, a photographer prepared the photos and a copywriter wrote the content. But putting these elements together, translating them into the spoken language of the web and cultivating the feeling you experience on each of the pages of this site, is the task of the front end developer.

Web development: who is the backend developer?

What does it take for the front end of a website to exist? Where is all this data stored? The words “back” and “end” refer to the same concept. The backend of a website consists of a server, an application, and a database. The backend developer is responsible for development and maintaining the technologies that power these components that work together to bring the site to life.

Web developer skills and tools

In order for the server, application, and database to communicate with each other, back-end developers use server-side programming languages ​​such as PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, and .net to build applications and tools such as MySQL, Oracle, and SQL Server. They are used to find, store or modify data and provide it to the user through front end codes. Also, experience working with PHP infrastructures, including Zend, Symfony and CakePHP, or experience working with version control software, such as SVN, CVS, or Git, and experience working with Linux as a development and publishing system are also seen in specific work openings for Back End developers. . Back-end developers use these tools and produce and use web applications using clean and well-made codes. But before writing these codes, web developers must interact with business owners and understand their special needs so that they can translate those needs into technical requirements and create the most efficient and appropriate solution for their information technology architecture. JP Toto, 

Web development – API

I get satisfaction from my work when I see that people find my API useful. I’ve always preferred backend development because I love manipulating data. New public and private APIs have become an essential part of data exchange between mobile devices (such as mobile devices), websites, and other connected systems today.

A concrete example in the work of a website developer

When you browse different parts of this website, BAMD servers send information to your computer or mobile and you can see the page you are viewing. This process is the result of the work of the back end developer. In addition, if you register for one of our courses, the storage of personal data (and the fact that your specific data is recalled every time you enter the site) will be attributed to a back-end developer.

Web Development: Who is a Full Stack Developer?

Many times, there is no clear line between Front End and Back End development. “Front End developers often need to learn Back End skills and vice versa,” “Especially in the current economic climate where marketing requires data resources, developers need a strong work ethic and you often need to be a jack of all trades.”

Full Stack developers are your developer

Full Stack Developer was first popularized by Facebook’s engineering department. This means that a Full Stack developer has the ability to work in all areas of technology and can provide you with the complete package. Federico Olofo, one of the Full Stack developers, says, “Working professionally in both server-side and client-side fields gives you more opportunities, and of course, Full Stack development. It also has its own challenges. For example, you may be good at cooking or baking. But Mastering both takes time and experience. Of course, when I’m talking about cooking or baking, I don’t mean following ready-made recipes. “That is, using food to make a really delicious dish or dessert.”

Skills and tools – a website development company

On the server side of web programming, the work of full stack developers is similar to back end developers, except that they have the ability to speak the front end language fluently and control the appearance of the content experienced by the user. They act like a wrench. To illustrate the complexity of a web development company’s or Full Stack Developer’s performance, simply compare the state of Full Stack Developer skills in recent years with the current moment with the help of the following charts.

Table of abilities

The ability chart of a Full Stack developer over the last ten years

Full Stack Developer Skill Chart

Fullstack developer

Regardless of the specific tools used depending on the project or client, full stack developers must have sufficient knowledge of web functionality at various levels: setting up and configuring Linux servers, writing server-side APIs, using JavaScript to create an application, and designing and development business websites by CSS . To use these tools, full stack developers must be able to identify server-side and client-side responsibilities and choose the best solution among the available solutions.

A concrete example in website development

As you read this article, a Full Stack developer will be responsible for the entire flow of your user experience, from load times to page layout and interaction.

Summary – a website development company

Website development has many aspects and it doesn’t matter which aspect you like and follow the most. Soft skills such as attention to detail, quick learning, effective problem solving and communication make finding a suitable place in the complex skills mentioned above