Web developer – the impact on the future of your business

Developing websites in the virtual world and the direct impact on the future of your business. Let’s say for a moment that you like to wear suits in your daily routine, have you asked yourself why for an important business meeting you wore the best suit, the special shirt you like and the matching tie? The answer is obvious of course. Now what you have to imagine is that you have hundreds, thousands of such meetings on your website. My interpretation as a website builder for your business is, when you build a website it means that you invite customers to your website and you want to show them that you are the best and special, am I right?. In the virtual world, your company’s headquarters is your website, development websites in a correct and accurate way and development a website with great consideration for the algorithm of the great search engine Google combined with effective organic promotion, is the one that will decide at the end of the day the position of your website in the huge showcase of the online world .

WordPress website builder

We know that you have read many times the suggestions of such and such a website builder and how to prepare an excellent and best website and yet you continue to search. We are glad you found us. We will not convince you, we will let you come to this conclusion yourself, because we believe in decisions that are made wisely, which are the basis of joint success in development the website that reflects you and presents the business or service you present efficiently and with great accuracy.

Website builder
Website builder

Website builder – development a website that represents you and your business

Developing a website by a professional website builder, whether he is a freelance website builder, or we are a website construction company, is not just dealing with usability graphics and content. Our work begins with an in-depth acquaintance with your business With this knowledge, we will play the role of an ideal customer looking for a solution to his problem on the Internet. This will give us the basis to build a website for you that will meet the needs of your real customers. It will not only be a spectacular website for you to connect to, but a website built to become an ideal place to hold your first business meeting.

Freelance website builder

We build professional websites for companies based on our own CMS system. This will help you expand online. Thanks to the training, you will acquire the knowledge to independently manage the content and functionality of your company website.

Developing websites with a freelance website builder means one-on-one service, and that’s exactly what we give. Instead of communicating with managers and project managers, everything is done through one website builder.

Developing professional websites for companies and small businesses is our specialty, your website should connect to what you represent and present, therefore it is very important to choose an expert website builder in everything related to the construction of fast and professional websites.

Advantages of website development service that you will find with us:

Professionalism & skill – development websites that really work

A business plan combined with website design and construction

Why go to an expert in website development?

If you manage a company, a group of companies or the owner of a business project and want to expand and develop your activity through the websites of the World Wide Web; The solution is to build and design a website with a WordPress expert that presents all your services and expresses your ideas, informs customers about your latest developments and offers, makes you communicate with them continuously, allows you to be present among the competition through a unique design and construction, which will reflect you and the service you offer or sell.

Web Design

We design and build websites. Professional implementation of responsive websites (RWD) with a CMS panel

Developing a website – get to know our offer and the cost of the website

You run a company, offer services and products, your customers return, but there are still too few of them for you to fully spread the sails. We know the reason – an outdated website, poorly positioned, not very functional or – worse – the lack of it. Below we will explain how much it costs to create websites that will improve the image and sales. Read what the website development process is – the investment cost depends on this process.

The price of development a website – website builder

The cost of development a website depends on many factors. It’s more or less like buying a car. The basic version may cost a little, but as you start adding more options, it becomes clear that the value of your dream car will double. In addition, the purchase price is also affected by the choice of manufacturer. The costs of creating websites are similar.

The type of website, its level of development, the content management system (CMS) chosen, multilingualism and finally the website itself are just a few variables that affect how much it costs to create websites. Very often  , what is most valuable is hidden in the part of the website that is invisible to the naked eye, that is, in the code . Designing simple website templates can take at least a dozen or so hours, but they won’t have many of the functions offered by, say, a content management system (CMS), mentioned below. Template pages are perfect when we plan to test our business, create an MVP version to study the market. However, we recommend not creating templated pages if we care about the highest code quality, loading speed, or long-term support and development.

It may be enough to create a simple website that will be in the lower price range to meet the requirements related to company development. Maybe you need an advanced web application to even exist in the group of strong competition. Leave such guesses to the competition   and follow us to the specific details  . From the article you will learn how we develop, build and design a website.

How much does website development cost – a static website or CMS?

Websites are divided into two main types:

  1. Static sites – you cannot manage them yourself. If you have the right knowledge of programming, you can edit such a site, but it is much more complicated than with a CMS . Today, the main arguments for creating such sites are loading speed and security;
  2. CMS-based websites  – in the content management system on your website you have access to the management panel. Once logged in, you can easily manage your site using a very friendly and intuitive text editor and page builders. It is better to create a website in an open source CMS. The most popular in the WordPress industry leads the way. We’d love to talk about why we recommend open source at the meeting.

Responsive websites based on a content management system are usually more expensive than static websites. There is a reason – then we have a much larger selection of options and functionality, which often reach the level of an advanced web application, i.e. a project focused on interaction with the user (for example, an application for ordering or selling). The CMS itself is also necessary in the event that we plan to collect data on the site – for example data sent from the form, data on orders or where a user login system is needed.

When it comes to choosing the CMS itself, in our opinion, you shouldn’t rely on proprietary solutions that are like a ticking time bomb. Eventually something will go wrong.

Here are some reasons why we think so:

Website prices

Factors affecting the price of development a website

Website price list – conclusions

As you can probably guess, there is no clear answer to the question of how much a website costs. However, if you have specific requirements for your site, this article should at least help you price your site. Or maybe you don’t know what you need? We will show you in great detail the process of creating a website and filling it with content.

Now you know roughly how much a website costs. In other articles available on our blog, we also answer questions about the approximate prices of online stores and Internet promotion – check how much an online store costs and how much a location costs. At the same time, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with our proposal for promoting online stores.

If you want to get an initial valuation for the website and not bother yourself with the question of how much the website costs,  fill out the form below and we will send you the cost of creating the website within 48 hours  . Our valuations are completely non-binding and free of charge.

FAQ – website builder

1. How much does a website cost?

The cost of a website depends largely on the volume (number of subpages) and the requirements related to its operation. A website based on a CMS will be cheaper than a website written from scratch in HTML. A store that has 100,000 products will be more expensive than a store that offers a few items (of course this is a great simplification and every valuation in our agency is individual!).

2. Many agencies, how do you choose – to whom to entrust the site?

An interactive agency is a much wider range of services thanks to the cooperation of a recommended website builder, developers and graphic artists. Before coding, we hold workshops during which we consult with the client’s vision and needs, we research competition, we take care of the site after the project is finished, we position sites. In short – comprehensive service.

3. How much does a website cost with promotion?

The choice of website + promotion package is often associated with a lower monthly SEO price. It pays off for both parties: the agency (which takes SEO into account in the website design process) and the client (which climbs to the top of the search results)