SEO specialist – what is SEO?

SEO expert Who needs it? Every company wants to grow and succeed and make the business they built and worked hard successful and profitable. One of the effective ways of advertising is marketing the service or product offered by you through a website, through the Google search engines. Expertise in any field and not necessarily in the web promotion industry such as an expert in physics or an expert in the construction industry is actually an expression of skill and superior ability which is acquired with experience and independent abilities of the expert, even when it comes to website promotion. Without a promoted website, it will be really difficult and almost impossible to achieve the goal if you only focus on acquiring customers from offline activities. That is why most entrepreneurs know that the basis for the development of the company’s activity is the promotion of their website through organic promotion, or in other words SEO website promotion. Those who are looking for a promoter that will speed up the goal, then surely an SEO expert will answer your need. What’s more, in fact the expert is a kind of “hidden partner” who pushes your business up the mountain, to the front window of the big online world. Your vision is a solidly made website that ranks high in Google search results, therefore for this task the expertise of an SEO promoter turns out to be very valuable to achieve your goal.

SEO specialist – who is it?

An SEO expert is usually called a web developer. Less commonly referred to as an SEO expert. This profession is also called the profession of the future. The history of this profession does not go back far and is closely related to the development of the Internet. Every SEO specialist should have a thorough knowledge of the functioning of search engines and follow any changes in algorithms, because his tasks include optimization and SEO.

The result of the work of an SEO specialist is high positions of the site for specific keywords in the search results, unless of course the actions taken do not differ from the guidelines of the search engines. Website promotion on Google or SEO specialist is a rather difficult profession, because it requires constant deepening of your knowledge and being up to date with the constantly changing standards of creating pages in terms of their highest position in the search engine ranking.

Just a few years ago, websites with a mobile or RWD version were an exception in the market. Today it is already the standard, since most of the internet users’ searches come from mobile devices. Google is also leading the way by introducing a mobile-first index, where site content on phones is crucial for placement on computers as well. The promotion company must be up-to-date on every innovation in the market. Otherwise, it will begin to lose its effectiveness in promotion, losing customers and reducing profits.

SEO specialist

SEO specialist – organic promotion

SEO specialist or in his professional name SEO is a series of activities aimed at performing organic SEO in Google in order to improve the position of a given website in the organic, i.e. free, search results of Google. These are both on-site and off-site activities performed by development a link profile. Moreover, an effective SEO strategy is based not only on technical activities, but also on creating engaging and interesting content containing key phrases. Although SEO activities require a lot of time and work, in the long run they bring very stable results. A study conducted in 2022 shows that 51% of users click on the first link displayed in the Google search engine after entering a specific word, so there is something to fight for.

What are SEO activities based on a specific page?

Mainly on:

             – Title  , i.e. the title of the page (on the search results page it is located above the website address),
             – meta description  , i.e. a short description that the Google search engine displays at our website address in the search results,
             – editing URLs  in such a way that they contain key phrases –
             graphics  – both in the titles And the so-called alternative image descriptions should include key phrases,

          – Page title,
          – Headings,
          – Main content,

Developing a responsive and user-friendly website

We must not forget that the site  should be responsive  , that is, it should be displayed properly on devices with screens of different sizes (smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops). To check if a website is mobile friendly, you can use the Google  Test Mobile Friendly tool  .
The ranking factor that affects the site’s position in the search engine is also  the page loading speed  , which can be checked, among other things, by using Google Analytics.

SEO specialist

Are you just starting your adventure with your company website? A great way  to increase traffic to your website is through blogging  . Using free tools, such as Google Keyword Planner, you can check which keywords related to your business arouse the interest of users. 

The skill of an SEO expert is to create engaging content that answers potential customers’ questions and dispels their doubts. In this way, you create additional subpages on your website that are indexed by Google. The more such valuable subpages there are, the better your site ranks in search results.

What are the benefits of website promotion by a website promotion expert? Above all:

Internet promotion – a way to increase traffic to the website

An interesting solution for promoting websites on the Internet is publishing an entry on someone else’s website with a link to your website. In this way, you acquire a valuable link with much greater value for a position than those of directories or forums on the Internet. Moreover, it is very likely  that a reader who is interested in your post will also visit your website  . If you have business relationships with other entrepreneurs in your industry, you should also take care of exchanging links that will benefit both parties.

Google Ads seo web promotion system – quickly acquire new customers

Sponsored links, highlighted in Google search results as “advertising”, are displayed in different places – at the top of the list of results, on the side or at the very bottom. Google is testing different solutions, which does not change the fact that a  PCC advertisement created in the Google Ads system is an excellent way to advertise highly profitable products  . The reason for this is that Google charges per click (Cost per Click) in the ad and goes to the website, and the rates can change.

Website promotion on Google – when using the Google Ads system, you should:

An SEO expert knew how to spot incorrectly chosen keywords and will correct them because they will not only expose us to costs, but also will not bring a conversion, and in addition will increase the exit rate from the page they entered. However, a well-adjusted Google Ads campaign has many advantages  – it enables a quick assessment of effectiveness (thanks to the installation of a special code for counting conversions on the website), as well as the creation of text ads in the Google search engine. and graphic (contextual) ads on sites that use the AdSense advertising system.

Remarketing, or how to remind your customers about yourself?

You can also create  remarketing ads  in your Google Ads account. They are for those users who have previously visited your website or mobile app, but did not convert.

SEO specialist – types of conversions:

Thanks to remarketing, you can remind them about you, and at the same time encourage them to come back, for example by offering a discount. These banner ads are displayed in the advertising network of Google’s partners, that is, on various popular websites, using cookies for this purpose. The payment is charged only for clicking on the banner and moving to the page, not for displaying it. Remarketing increases website traffic  and attracts customers, so it is worth betting on it especially in online stores.

Social media – they are the power of website promotion!

The Digital in 2019 global report, created in collaboration with We Are Social and Hootsuite, shows that USAis use the Internet an average of 6 hours and 2 minutes a day. In turn, the average time spent on social media is 1 hour and 45 minutes (data from the same report ).The great popularity of this type of portals, especially Facebook, makes  social networking sites an excellent tool for advertising services and promoting websites on the Internet .

Where to start to become a web developer?

The professional path of an SEO specialist can be different. The basis, however, is to know the existing SEO techniques that make the site friendly to both search engines and users. At the same time, you need to know which actions should be avoided in order not to expose the site to penalties imposed by Google, especially the algorithmic ones. The promoter must also know the tools for website promotion that are useful in daily work. In any case, knowledge is the foundation upon which experience can be built. Currently, there are free or paid courses in promotion (for beginners and advanced), so those who want can easily train in this field. Read the longest article about positioning on the web and learn even more.

Many people, who see their future in website promotion, are initially employed by one of the existing SEO agencies. This is definitely a good idea in the context of solid professional preparation. First of all, you can deepen your knowledge and expand your abilities not only in the field of SEO, but even the operation of an SEO company “from the inside”. You also don’t have to worry about clients, which can be a problem for budding SEO experts who decide to start developing their own career right away.

Specializing in an SEO agency therefore provides a solid foundation – it allows you to gain invaluable experience and make connections in the industry. It also allows you to build an image of a professional SEO expert you can trust.

An effective position that produces results for its clients can continue to work at the agency and win additional promotions, which is automatically linked to an increase in salary. However, many SEO professionals choose a different model of professional development. Some of them are freelancers and are not permanently associated with any agency. Others, however, decide to start their own web placement company.

What do you need to know to become an SEO specialist – SEO promoter?

The hardest thing is always to start, and actually to convince others. So how can a graduate get a job as a promoter when SEO agencies are looking for qualified experts with at least two years of experience?

The key to success is personal development and investment in yourself – in this case, knowledge of promotion.

You can also start your own blog in a non-competitive industry and rank it yourself on Google. Either way, it’s a great way to turn your knowledge into concrete actions. Your website may turn out to be a transition to work for an SEO agency. When you manage to achieve success, i.e. high positions in the search results, you should brag about it during the interview.

Every SEO expert should have really broad capabilities, extensive knowledge and skills, not just strictly technical.

Certain personality traits are helpful. First of all, analytical thinking and creativity, which helps during the work related to the analysis of the competition and its strategy for development a position in Google.

The promoter should also demonstrate the speed of decision-making or good organization of the work, especially since remote work is also possible in this profession. It is good when he can also reset his mind and rest effectively after a few hours of sitting in front of the computer. 

In terms of technical skills, you should know at least the basics of several programs and programming languages. This is mostly HTML and CSS (knowledge of PHP is a plus), as site optimization sometimes requires code changes. Knowledge of server support and hosting useful. In the work of an SEO expert, content management systems (CMS WordPress), keyword search tools and analytical tools of various types such as Google Analytics are also used. General knowledge of internet marketing is required.

6 basic jobs in the web promotion profession

The scope of duties of each SEO specialist is quite broad and depends mainly on the positioning strategy used in a particular case. In other words, each page should be approached very individually. What works in one industry will not necessarily work in another. This also applies to pages in the same niche, because each site can have a different story, different business goals, different links.

Therefore, an SEO specialist or in the more familiar language – a website promotion specialist must choose the optimal actions that will help increase organic visibility. Contrary to appearances, the work of the promoter is not limited to buying links. So let’s go through these most important tasks step by step.

1.    Determining strategy and specific business goals

This is the basis from which you should always start any action. It is difficult to imagine the effective conduct of any business without a long-term plan, i.e. an action strategy. The strategy includes analyzing the needs of the business, in-depth analysis of the competition and specifying the target market.

This also applies to topics related to internet marketing, including SEO. Business purposes may be promotion of a subpage or a particular product or service offering.

2.    Performing a comprehensive SEO audit

The audit consists of a careful examination of all the website’s components to detect possible errors. This is extremely important, especially when a given site has already been placed before or nothing has been optimized since its creation. An SEO expert should therefore look at all the links, but also the content on the page. Thanks to the audit, you know which elements need immediate improvement to improve your site’s position in Google.

3.    Choosing the right keywords for promotion

Of course these are keywords that generate the greatest traffic possible and at the same time valuable on a site that generates customers. Thanks to the keywords, the site appears in the search results for specific user queries. The list of optimal phrases for the page cannot be limited to the most general ones, but the strategy of the so-called long tail and wide placement for phrases of several words. SEO tools, such as the Keyword Planner, are helpful in choosing keywords. A competition analysis performed precisely by an SEO specialist is also necessary.

4.    Optimizing the site for SEO

In this case, knowing some useful SEO tools, and above all knowledge of HTML, CSS and content management systems, or the Yoast SEO plugin in the case of optimization for a site created in WordPress. Every website needs to be fast and responsive, so it needs to be displayed comfortably on mobile devices. The promoter must also take care to remove as many errors as possible in the code. One of the key elements in the effective positioning process turns out to be optimization and content creation. This should be taken care of by an experienced SEO copywriter who will prepare extensive and unique high quality content with correct keyword saturation. Finally, a website promoter publishes the texts on the website, designing them according to the general art of the website.

5.    SEO expert’s link development strategy

No position can skip such an important topic as getting strong SEO links from trusted sources. It is important to note, it is not the quantity that is important now, but the quality. Therefore, an SEO expert deals with buying such links manually. A good link comes from trusted sites and topics related to the topic, for example blogs, websites or thematic forums. In the case of linking, it is important to know the Ahrefs or Majestic paid tool at least at an intermediate level.

6.    Constant analysis of the results

Every action needs to be checked. Therefore, the tasks of a web developer also include a systematic analysis of SEO results and tracking the positions achieved in the search results for specific keywords. Web developers must not forget changes in Google’s algorithms and must be updated. Thanks to this, they can react immediately and change the promotion strategy in the event of a decline in the company’s website. Only in this way is it possible not only to achieve high positions in the search engine, but above all to maintain them for the long term.

However, the promoter’s work does not end there. It turns out that it is very important to build your own website promotion or customer base and its link. It consists of creating thematic pages on which valuable texts will be placed. They are the basis for quality link development