Promotion to the first page of Google – how to get to the first page?

Promotion to the first page of Google is actually an organic promotion that defines the desired position to attract the largest number of visitors to it, which is usually on the first page. As the number of visitors increases, so does the chance of your website to convert the visitors into a transaction. Promoting your website to reach the first page is not only a common goal among small business owners, but also varies depending on the desired goal. It must be understood that promotion to the first page of Google means a website that is built correctly and promoted in a high-quality way and not just to quickly reach the result on the first pages of your search results. It should be understood that Google does not focus on quantity, but on quality. As a result, most sites do not compare to the top ranking.

Promotion to the first page of Google – how to get to the first pages in the search results?

There are several factors behind the Google algorithm, and thanks to the fact that the Google results page has many different elements that will determine who will be on the first page of Google, there are also different types of media that can achieve first page results. They include:

  1. The first page result on Google is fast and not of long-lasting quality.
  2. Google for Business known as Google MyBusiness.
  3. Local Google results
  4. Appearance in photos according to the type of site
  5. Writing a relevant alternative text
  6. Improving the site’s strength in search engines
  7. Choosing relevant search words
  8. Developing a user-friendly website
Promotion to the first page of Google
Promotion to the first page of Google

Promotion to the first page of Google – increase traffic to the site

An interesting solution for website promotion on the Internet and promotion to the first page of Google is publishing an entry on someone else’s website with a link to your website. In this way, you acquire a valuable link with much greater value for a position than those of directories or forums on the Internet. Moreover, it is very likely  that a reader who is interested in your post will also visit your website  . If you have business relationships with other entrepreneurs in your industry, you should also take care of exchanging links that will benefit both parties and contribute to the promotion of your website.

Seo vs. Google Ads – quickly acquire new customers

Sponsored links, highlighted in Google search results as “advertising”, are displayed in different places – at the top of the list of results, on the side or at the very bottom. Google is testing different solutions, which does not change the fact that a  PCC advertisement created in the Google Ads system is an excellent way to advertise highly profitable products  . The reason for this is that Google charges per click (Cost per Click) in the ad and goes to the website, and the rates can change.

Have a website, but not sure what steps to take to get to the first page of Google search? Being in the first search results is a goal that many companies want to achieve, after all, most users are not interested in what is on the second page. To achieve success in this area, you must follow the suggestions of best practices from Google. Learn how to get your website to the top of Google.

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Organic SEO on Google – how to upload the site?

In order to reach the first pages of Google, take care of the site’s accessibility before you start implementing additional site promotion methods, take care of the basics – without a well-functioning website that is accessible to users, you will not be able to achieve the expected results. To begin with, you should take care of:

According to Google’s latest requirements, algorithms notice that the page that appears in the first search results is adapted to the needs of the recipients. Upon entering the site, they should be able to quickly find the answer to the question they are interested in and stay on the site more willingly.

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How to promote the site to the first page of Google?

In order to promote a website to the first page of Google, the first thing is to choose the right keywords. Choosing the right keywords is the basis of an effective SEO strategy. What to do to do it right? Promotion to the first page of Google, first, define which customer you want to reach. The following stages of customer types can be distinguished:

It is useful to define a Google SEO strategy in such a way that you optimize the site for users with different intentions on Google. When looking for keywords, you should also focus on the competitiveness of keywords – you can check the level of this factor, for example, with the free Ubersuggest tool or the paid Ahrefs tool.

Keyword difficulty and its importance – promotion to the first page of Google

What is keyword competitiveness? The high competition means that many companies and websites rank these words and promote them on Google – these are usually short and general phrases. Very competitive phrases can often be attributed to the first stage of the customer journey. Promoting a website to the first page for these phrases involves a lot of work, as well as a larger financial investment, but if you want to get to the first page of Google in your SEO strategy, focus on long-tail keywords. Why? There are several arguments in favor of this solution. First of all, long-tail phrases have a lower level of competitiveness than general phrases, but that doesn’t mean they’re less valuable.

Long tail phrases – promotion to the first page of Google

Long-tail phrases are less searched, but users who type them into a search engine are more likely to convert. Moreover, long tail phrases are not only easier to position, but also allow to increase the visibility of the site for general phrases. If you assume that you want to position your store for the phrase “roller blinds with guides day-night”, which has an average monthly search volume of 390, you will also increase the visibility of your site for the very competitive keyword “day-night curtains”, which has a search volume Monthly average of 60.5 thousand. Want to learn more about choosing keywords for website positioning? Check out the following articles: How to choose location keywords? Effective phrasing strategies.
What is a long tail? About long tail phrases
and the best free SEO tools. See the list!

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How to promote the site?

Check out the competing sites because being successful is not only about defining your strengths and weaknesses, but also carefully observing the activities of your competitors. What influenced their success at Google? What keywords are they ranking for? It is difficult to reach the first place in Google when the competition is very strong. Your goal should be to find a gap where you have a chance to get to the first page. If you enter in the Google search engine the keyword you are interested in, and the first page on Google is full of addresses of big and well-known brands, and you are a start-up company – reaching the first place on Google can take you a very long time. A competition analysis will help you find the answer to the question of how to position your site, how to choose the best phrases for you, and help you plan your content strategy. During the analysis, also check the incoming links to the competitor’s website – this way you can estimate the initial budget for individual website ranking activities and find out from which places strong links are received.

Tools for SEO – first page on Google

When analyzing the competition you can use tools like Ahrefs or Surfer SEO Analyzing the competition with the Ahrefs tool Do you know how to perform a competition analysis? Here you will find tips: how to perform competitor analysis in SEO? We check competitor phrases and links.

How to analyze competition in SEO – learn useful tools!

How to promote a website on Google? Create content that users search on Google and remember that your blog content can’t just be focused on keywords and SEO. Your audience should always be your top priority – focus on providing content that matches the search intent of the search engine and covers the topic fully. Google’s robots prefer websites that operate in accordance with the SEO strategy, meaning at the same time they are optimized for website promotion, focus on a positive user experience and provide the user with comprehensive information on the chosen topic.

The goal of website promotion in Google

Google’s goal is for users to be able to find the information they are interested in the first time they type a certain phrase into the search engine, without having to search again and visit different pages. A good tactic when you want to get to the first place in Google is to publish more content than your competitors. Why? You can’t use multiple random keywords on the same page, so you need more content on the page. The more quality content you have on your site, the higher your Google ranking will be. The number of hits on a translated page adds to the number of pages added to the index and more traffic to the site.

How many articles to upload to Google – website promotion

Are 10 posts a month enough for Google? Not if your competitors are posting 15 of them. If, on the other hand, there are 5 visits per month to competing sites with the same search term – you have a chance to reach the first place in Google. Remember, however, that these cannot be short, carelessly prepared entries – Google values ​​quality and quality affects the site’s promotion in Google. Pay attention to the length of the text – news articles should be of high quality and clear, so focusing also on quality and meeting the needs of the users is the solution.

Want to better optimize your website?

How to promote a website on Google? Keep inbound links. If you don’t know how to get to the first page of Google, one of the first things you need to address is backlinks. It is an official Google ranking factor, and its strong effectiveness is confirmed by various marketing studies. So you can rest assured that the more high quality backlinks you get, the more likely your site will rank first in Google. Now you may ask: how many backlinks do I need and where do I get the first link? The truth is that there is no way to accurately calculate the number of links you need to rank on the first page of searches. However, this number can be estimated by analyzing the competition activities, which we wrote about in the first parts of the article. Ahrefs also provides a keyword difficulty tool that tells you the approximate number of links you will need to get your site in the first results of Google.

How many links do you need to get to the first page of Google:

Estimating the number of links necessary to promote the site to the first page is not as easy as it may seem. Yes, there are tools that show which links point to which pages (eg Ahrefs or Majestic SEO), but many SEO companies hide “their” links from them. Moreover, even in Google Search Console we will not get complete information on this topic. Google only shows the ones that are more useful to webmasters (positive or negative) and often hides the ones it thinks are completely worthless. Thus, we will never be sure which links point to competitors (or even to ourselves) and how many links we need to have to reach the first pages.

Promotion to the first page of Google

To achieve promotion to the first page of Google does not mean that these tools are not needed. They allow you to find public places that competitors are linking to and check if we are there too. This is very useful because if the vast majority of competitors are in various business directories in an industry where we are not present, this may signal to Google that something is wrong (for example, the directory removed us due to too many fraud complaints or the owner did not. Want to publish the company address to the public – indicate attempted fraud). Let’s also not forget that this is a link and it carries “power”. Missing one link won’t hurt much but not getting 30 or 50 compared to competitors can significantly hinder promotion.

How to promote the site?

Take care of internal linking Another way to increase the authority of your site is to add internal links on the page. This way you can help Google crawlers find, index and understand the content of your website and thus increase the chances that it will reach the first place in Google. What’s more, that by means of internal links you make it easier for surfers to navigate the site and also create a coherent hierarchy and structure of the site, internal linking must be done according to a specific scheme. Imagine that you have to create a pyramid from the link structure, where the most important pages will be in the first part at the very top, while the least important are at the bottom. The very first page for you should be the home page, then various important sub-pages (offer, products, services, blog, etc.), at the very end of the pyramid should be specific product pages or specific blog entries. Remember that the link structure must be well thought out and thematically related addresses must be combined. You can learn more about effective linking in our article: How to effectively implement internal linking in a location? Proven methods

Promotion to the first page of Google – do you care about quickly reaching new customers?

Create a Google Ads promotion

How to promote the site to the first page of Google? Design an intuitive website architecture A poorly organized website structure can prevent SEO efforts from bringing the expected results. When the user cannot quickly find the information he is interested in on the site, he will encounter navigation problems on the site – it is likely that he will leave it quickly. This will have a negative effect on the engagement rate, which Google’s robots may perceive as a message that your site is not valuable to users. A well-organized site architecture should effectively reflect how users navigate the e-commerce site, the recipients to find specific information. Also, the site structure must be organized so that the user can return to the home page in three clicks from anywhere on the site, the site architecture can be planned for example with the Gloo maps tool or in a traditional, analog way – on a piece of paper.

In conclusion – promotion to the first page of Google

There are various tools for planning website architecture. How to promote the site to the first page of Google? Be patient. Once you’ve completed all the SEO steps we’ve listed, you need to be patient. Understand that it takes some time to get to the first page of Google. How long will you have to wait for the effects? Hard to say, there are many factors involved. In a study conducted by Ahrefs that analyzed over two million keywords and the websites that appear in them, it turned out that about 95% of the TOP10 results on Google were more than a year old. This does not mean that you will have to wait over a year for the results of your dreams, but it is worth remembering that working on achieving your dream position on Google takes a lot of time. How do you get to the first page on Google? Get to know our strategy. Compiling a self-review of a website is a complex process that requires a lot of time and commitment. The effects will not appear overnight, but with the right strategy and patience, you can expect to finally reach your goal – the first place in Google. Discover the success stories of our customers