Professional website builder – development a customized website

A Professional website developer is What sets one website builder apart from the other? You must have read many times the suggestions of this and that website builder or about making an excellent and best website, yet you continue to look for a professional website builder, we are glad you found us. We will not convince you, we will let you come to this conclusion yourself, because we believe in decisions that are made wisely, which are the basis of joint success in development the website that reflects you and presents the business or service you present efficiently and with great accuracy.

Professional website builder – development and designing professional websites

Among our website development services are:

An example of designing and creating a website for a new company established in the IT field

Scope of work: specific page design and website design using HTML/PHP/MySQL/CSS technology while complying with W3C standards, response speed (interaction page moves to the browser window) CMS content management system.
Example 2:
Designing and development a website for a company engaged in thermal leak detection .
Scope of work: specific page design, website design using HTML/PHP/MySQL/CSS technology, training, compliance with W3C standards, response speed (interaction page moves to the browser window) proprietary content management system CMS, language page, application and multi-use CMS

Professional website builder

Additional internet services – professional website builder

In addition to development websites, we also provide related services, for example: website promotion – from a specific phrase and search word adapted to your website to a correct website structure.
Promotion and optimization of the site so that it is placed high in the search results thanks to the promotion of the appropriate code and promotion of content.
Fast website hosting – for operating the website online without hesitation.

A safe and useful website with encryption on the website content or database. Stable and fast access to information for you and your customers. A guarantee for the non-poor functioning of the servers together with technical marking.
Consulting in web design that includes training – we help you in addition to the information on our website.
Many years of experience in the Internet industry and knowledge in IT that optimization is the answer to every question that arises at every stage of the website.

Analysis of the needs and purpose of the site

We collect as much information as possible about your purpose and the nature of the company before development the website through a number of questions related to the design of the website.

Graphic design proposal

After the design, we come to basic web design and present the initial design. He is open to any conceptual change and we work above and beyond in consultation with the client until the desired result is reached.

Professional website builder

Our professional website builder builds the website based on graphic design approved by the search engines. We build an interactive website that runs fast (including responsiveness, performance and link optimizations).

Installation and training

We host the site on a server and install the site management system on it. The storage is part of the service we provide when developing the website and it can be rented by our customers.

Care and support after implementation

We provide training in the field of website operation as well as activation for its management. Throughout the site’s existence, we pay attention to its small actions and turn it into a flawlessly functioning site.

Websites should be made in such a way that they are visible and bring measurable benefits.
Professional design, and we’re not just talking about aesthetics in graphics, which are inherently controversial anyway. A good website design is not only about “nice” colors and font, it’s mostly about usability and functionality.
The efficiency that is now so sought after by everyone stems from the enormous amount of data that the Internet contains today and the loads it has to deal with.
attractive to the user. It is mainly about whether the user will actually find what he was really looking for on our site and whether it will be significant information for him. This forces the publication of unique, comprehensive and attractive materials, both content and multimedia.
The website’s accessibility, that is, the possibility of its proper reception by the largest possible number of interested parties, divided into many groups.

Professional website builder

The above is only part of the elements involved in the successful appearance of a well-designed and well-made website. Its construction is now a much wider range of activities that the team of people who create it must perform. Fortunately, there are few user and search engine friendly websites and the scope of their correct creation is well studied, we apply it schematically in reasonable and fair valuations. You can test this in your example by deciding to cooperate with us.

We implement accessible websites that comply with the WCAG 2.1 standard.
Public administration websites are required to be accessible and comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) standard. We can conduct an audit, prepare the design and technical composition of the site according to this standard, along with its subsequent update in content, which must also be prepared according to its recommendations. Please contact us for more information.

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