The costs of development a website for a business are: developing a landing page costs 700 USD , an extensive website with several pages starts at 1000 USD and a website with an online store starts at 1300 USD All these websites are on One-time payment basis, domain for the website ⭐ Website optimized for mobile devices ⭐ Simple website management panel (WordPress) ⭐ One-year warranty with the possibility of extension ▸ In addition to development a website, you can order: Google promotion, running a blog, logo design, storage, domains, technical support – Everything in one place!

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Developing a website for a price business
Developing a website for a price business

How much does a website cost and what are the benefits?

You probably run a company that touches the right group of customers, but their number may grow, right? In 2022, not having a company website doesn’t do companies any good. On the other hand, many companies have outdated websites with little functionality. Unfortunately, such sites are not useful at all.

Developing a website for a price – price business in 2023

A normal website in 2023 will cost you between 1000 USD and 2000 USD net. If you are interested in a site according to a custom design, you will have to pay more than 3000 USD net.

Websites need to attract new customers effectively. When you decide to build such a website, many questions start to arise – mainly “how much does a website cost?”

The price of development a website for a business

The price of development a website for a business depends on many factors. I always compare it to buying an apartment. A studio apartment of 20 square meters without equipment does not cost too much, but is it possible to live without an apartment equipped with a kitchen and a bathroom? This is an additional cost. Now let’s assume that 20 square meters is not enough, so each additional square meter produces a variable amount and increased.
Referring to the previous paragraph, a basic website for companies can cost several hundred shekels (in addition, only from a freelancer). This will be cut to the maximum – no graphics (except for your projects), a small amount of text, no blog. Such a site does not give you the opportunity to stand out on Face the competitors’ sites.

The level of development, the type of website, the number of language versions and the CMS content management system are just some of the factors that determine the final price of the company’s website.
In most big cities, the popular interactive agencies have higher prices, so you should not be afraid of companies from smaller cities, which have the same level of web development, but at a lower price

How much does a website cost in 2023?

It depends on a given company. This is really a very difficult question and it is impossible to answer it without knowing details.
The answer may be “free”, “300”, “4,000” or “10,000”.
This is a very similar issue to development a house. How much does it cost to build? It can be a million shekels, but some people did it for only 100,000.
Does cheap mean bad? Not always, but surely a house for 100,000 won’t be too big, and the savings in materials will be noticeable.
It’s similar with websites. Assuming your friend is able to make a small business card for you for free, you can be sure that it will definitely be underdeveloped and will not meet your expectations.
Even a freelancer who creates a website for 500 will not spend more than two hours working on it, because he must earn his money in the shortest possible time

Developing a website for a price business

Developing a website for a business The price of the website starts at 2,500 net and even on the cheapest website (e.g. One Page website) you can count on full professionalism.
Your website will be prepared with the utmost care for effective positioning in the Google search engine.
Nothing is free, especially on the Internet people Many still live in a world where value can be determined primarily by touch – a top quality machine or development materials can seem expensive.
Meanwhile, websites are intangible and mismatched design is the main factor that makes them seem worthless.
There are even specialty website builders advertised as free. Indeed, in the beginning it is free, but no one does it for free. Maintaining a domain and hosting costs money and a company that offers a “free service” must make a profit. In fact, such generators are typical “sales funnels” that can involve considerable costs.

How much does a website cost in 2023?

At first, think about what you care about the most, there’s no point in buying something you don’t need. If you need a simple website that will serve as a business card – no problem.
However, it is worth betting something extra to acquire customers over the Internet. Currently, website promotion and paid search engine advertising are very popular.
It is good to have a well-optimized website so that it does not drive away a potential customer, but on the contrary – attracts him.
The second thing is the technical optimization of the site, which has a great impact on the position on phrases related to your business.
A well-optimized site has a chance to appear online without ordering a promotion service, which sometimes also costs a lot of money.
Another issue is the type of website – static or based on a content management system (CMS). The latter is more expensive for a simple site, but makes site management extremely convenient. The administrator gets access to a special panel, where everything is adjusted to clicks.

Such a solution should not cause anyone problems, unlike the static side. Any changes are then associated with editing the site code.
The most popular CMS system is WordPress, which is used by up to 1/3 of the Internet. If you plan to manage a company blog, write news or add images frequently of the services you offer, this CMS will be the perfect choice.
The service of creating a CMS website is a little more expensive, but in the future you will definitely save a lot of time and nerves when publishing materials. Another CMS, but less popular, is Joomla.
Is it better to bet on a static or CMS-based website? The difference in price can be noticeable, so you should consider carefully. If you intend to intervene frequently in the content of your website, then the CMS will be the best solution, because thanks to it you will save a lot of nerves and time.
Now it’s time to choose the type of site. If you run a small business, a simple business card will do.
See what types of sites exist and choose one of them:

Professional website

This is a perfect solution for forward-thinking companies. Such a site attracts potential customers thanks to extensive functions, accurately described information about the company and interesting activities or topics on the blog.
Such a site contains many sub-pages and is focused on acquiring customers via the Internet – this means that it is optimized as much as possible and generates more traffic from the search engine than small sites.
A professional website will be an excellent investment in the development of your company. You can also choose an original individual project.
For more information – professional website

A business card for a corporate website

It is easy to guess that such a site is to be used as a business card. It must be simple, clear and contain the most important information about the company and the services provided.
Such sites are often chosen by small local companies that do not have an online activity – for example a site of a construction company.
A well-prepared business card can become an ideal tool for acquiring new customers over the Internet.
For more information – visit card on the website

One column

One page contains only the home page and may contain a lot of useful information about the company or product.
This type of site is often chosen by small companies.
For more information – a simple website

landing page

A landing page is also usually one page, but it is very focused on effective sales.
Such a page is often visited by a potential customer from advertising or from organic search results. The goal of such a site is one – the best possible sale.

A web blog

A weblog is a site that is usually created for posting entries. A blog is an ideal way to tell more about yourself or share your favorite activity with the world – for example checking cars. Popular blogs can attract hundreds of thousands of readers every month.
How much does a website cost in 2023? The choice of the contractor is important
when you more or less manage to decide how the website should look, you should look for a decent contractor.
There are many good and average freelancers in the market. Recently, there has been an increase in “experts” in this industry.


It seems that a better option is cooperation with an agency whose portfolio is rich, and high quality is confirmed by working with large companies.

However, let’s break it down into main factors and decide for yourself which is better to choose.

Freelancer builds websites – development a website for a business price

There are many freelancers. The downside to this is definitely the fact that it’s easier to find a “professional” who might run into problems creating a website.
The advantage is definitely competitive prices, which start from a few hundred shekels.
However, finding a good freelance website builder is not impossible. It is enough to take a moment to find an expert with an extensive portfolio that has been operating for years.
You have to ask yourself, will whoever creates the site put the same emphasis on all the elements? First of all, text, graphics and internal optimization – these are the most important elements of the website, without which the next online marketing is very difficult. Of course, marketing is just another option, so the decision is yours alone.
Today, anyone can be a freelancer
as of today, the entry threshold into the website creation business is very low. The necessary tools are a computer and the Internet. The rest is willingness and some time to start preparing the first pages.
One weekend of learning is enough to create the first pages using simple wizards. If someone offers you to create a website for NIS 500, he is probably just starting his adventure with creating a website.
It also probably won’t provide you with high quality and warranty if something goes wrong. Of course, on the other hand, it saves a lot of money, but is it really worth it?

Usually, Freelancer does not offer a guarantee for trouble-free operation of the website.

Also, it will be difficult to get training in the use of the CMS system (administrative panel) – well, if anything, it’s probably not free. There is also no certainty if in six months he will have time to cooperate again, because he usually has deadlines set many months in advance.
Advantages of creating a website by a freelancer

Low price – you can save some money on such cooperation. Of course, if you hit flexibility correctly
– with a freelancer you can work less conventionally.

Deficiencies in the implementation of the site by a freelancer

Low responsibility – creating a website for around NIS 300 means that a freelancer cannot afford to take responsibility for the project, because it is not profitable for him. If something happens, the relationship will probably lose
low stability – freelancers come and go. The person you work with today may no longer provide Services in six months, and you will be alone when you have to update.
There are no additional services – a freelancer usually offers website development. Among other things, you are left alone with the marketing.
Low price – an advantage, but at the same time a disadvantage, because the low price does not include but the creation of a website .

The most important elements of the site are not visible

As a customer, you only see the final effect of the work, i.e. the website. The most important elements are inside it.

A website is like a car…
why do you need a nice car with an engine that barely works?

The site should be well optimized in terms of performance and security. The page code should be as simple as possible without unnecessary elements that slow it down. You won’t notice such elements when you see a good looking home page.
Of course, choosing a freelancer is not always a bad decision. There are people who have been doing a really decent job for years and you can’t fault them for anything.
However, experience shows that it is difficult to find a person who will carefully handle every element of the site.
If the price of the site is the most important factor for you in choosing a contractor, then Freelancer is a good choice.
Interactive agency
Choosing a professional interactive agency obviously involves higher costs. Unlike freelancers, agencies offer more than just a website, and the cooperation is often long-term.

See what you can get from us:

These are the most important elements that an interactive agency can offer you. There are certainly more of these elements, but their presence depends on your needs. The only aspect in favor of a freelancer is the price.
Similar: What does an interactive agency do and why should you use its services?
In addition, agencies, apart from creating a really high-quality website (after all, a whole team of experts work on it), offer a lot.
Advantages of creating a website by an interactive agency

The best quality

Performance – the experience of the entire team, which uses the best solutions, translates into a
high-level business liability effect – if something goes wrong during the cooperation, you can be sure that the agency will not let you leave it like that and will definitely solve the problem, complementary
services – often customers go A step forward, and in addition to the website development service, decide, for example, on Internet marketing,
professional contractors – there are many programmers, graphic designers and coders on the market, but interactive agencies usually associate only the best.

Disadvantages of creating a website by an interactive agency

Usually a high price – although this is obvious, it is still a disadvantage. Unfortunately, the entire team of experts is not cheap,
cooperation is not very flexible – cooperation with an agency is usually less free than with a freelancer, but more organized. This is a minus, but on the other hand an advantage,
cooperation with an agency is not always successful – choosing an unreliable agency that does not have a rich portfolio may end up like this. You should choose wisely.

The prices in interactive agencies can be a real bargain, but also unimaginably high. Undoubtedly, in larger cities like Warsaw and Poznan, it is difficult to find an inexpensive agency. You should compare several good companies and choose the most reasonable offer.

If the interactive agency that piques your interest offers higher prices than the competition, don’t be afraid to ask why.

Approximate prices of websites in interactive agencies
Some of the interactive agencies break down the price in the case of static pages and pages based on the CMS system, when sometimes you have to pay up to 70% for the latest version. There are also agencies for whom it does not matter what type of website you choose and we will focus on the prices of such agencies. See how much a website costs in an interactive agency (the prices do not constitute a commercial offer of an agency):

One Page website (only the main page; landing page), ready-made template, several high-quality photos, the most important information about the company – the cost of the page is NIS 2,500, a website
with several sub-pages (valuable content on each), ready-made template, photos High quality – the cost per page is NIS 3,500-5,500.
A website with an unlimited number of sub-pages, a custom template and graphic design – the cost is about NIS 6,500-8,000+.

Of course, these are just a variety of three types of sites. If only the customer is interested, it is possible to create a One Page website with a single template and many images as well as a large website on a ready-made template with a small amount of content and images.

A website for your business. Provide your contact information and we will contact you and be happy to provide you with all the information regarding the website and the company’s presence on the Internet. You can also call me right away at the number

What do you need to know about our sites and our company?
▸ We work remotely with companies from all over Poland
▸ Our websites are modern and easy to use
▸ We will prepare everything for you (including text and images)
▸ Our websites are SEO friendly
▸ The website is your property (no subscription)

It is time to complete the site in 2023

When you decide to whom you want to entrust the process of creating the website, it’s time to estimate the time needed to create it.
You should know that the execution time is important, it affects the price, which can cause the price of the website to increase significantly.
We start the website creation process with conversations and negotiations, and when we know what you need, we create a detailed contract.
Then we look for inspiration, create different concepts, and when we know the direction we prepare the necessary elements such as content and graphic materials.
So you have to implement everything and test it thoroughly, find errors and make the necessary corrections.
In the next step, such a site should be optimized so that it works as quickly and easily as possible.
Each of these steps costs us a lot of time and requires the involvement of the entire team. It is difficult to clearly estimate how much time is required to create a website.

On average, we need about 2-4 weeks to create one project.

We might finish your site in as little as a week. The relationship with the client also affects the website development time.

What will be the cost of maintaining a website?

The basic cost of maintaining a website consists of hosting and domain.
Without these two elements, a website cannot exist. Don’t have your own domain and server? You can take advantage of our offer.
Another scythe

So it might turn out to be an SSL certificate. While some companies offer basic certificates for free, basic protection may not be enough for some websites. In our offer you will also find an SSL certificate.
The cost of website maintenance may increase if you decide to add additional modules and integrations, but they are not mandatory.

What next after creating a website?

After creating a website, many people are often left to their own devices. This usually happens after working with freelancers.
The price of the website is lower and the implementation time is shorter, but then you are on your own.
If the website fails or if you accidentally break something yourself, you will have to deal with it yourself or use the help of an expert again, and here an hour of work can cost up to NIS 200.
If you take advantage of our offer, you will definitely not be alone.
If you order even the cheapest website from us , you will get a warranty and a full service package for one year.
However, this is not all we can offer you. We can take care of your site comprehensively.

Server and domain – development a website for a price business

Working with us, you will definitely not be alone! Starting with the most basic things like server and domain maintenance.
Many people forget to renew the subscription, which leads to the site being closed.
If you take advantage of our offer, we will make sure that the domain and the server are always renewed on time and that the website works without problems.
Operating a website (website and management)
We also operate websites. It’s not hard work, but if you don’t have time for it, we’ll do it for you especially for your business.
Our technical service price list starts from NIS 500 net per year and includes:

Manual, monthly update of the website system and free plugins,
verification of website operation and correction of any malfunction resulting from the update,
restoration of backup files, MySQL databases,
spam protection,
anti-virus protection.

If necessary, we will insert texts and images for you.
For more information – website management and
hosting, e-mail and SSL certificate
Using our hosting is very beneficial, as you will receive the care of a server administrator who responds immediately to possible failures and problems.
Such a simple example… when company X is responsible for the domain, company Y is responsible for the mail, company Z is responsible for the server, and the website was made by us and there is a failure, it will be difficult to determine where the problem is.
With everything in one place, one call to us is enough and we will solve the problem as soon as possible.
For more information – hosting, email and SSL certificate.
Modules and integrations
You can only invest in a simple business card, but if you want, we will equip your website with useful modules and integrations.
Currently you can count on:

For more information check out our web development article. .

Location in the Google search engine

When you already have a modern and well-prepared website, there is nothing to do but start marketing. There are many options to choose from, but our customers often decide to place the effect.
We create websites for one purpose – to be a tool for acquiring new customers. You want your website to be visible under phrases related to your business, so there’s no need to wait.
An example of how it works? Our website has ranges for the phrase “how much does a website cost” (and similar phrases) and it is quite likely that you found yourself here thanks to the Google search engine.
You can also start recruiting customers in exactly the same way!
How much does a website cost in 2022? Conclusions and summary
It is difficult to answer unequivocally the question “How much does a website cost?”. The agency’s offers are so broad that we often pay more, we really only earn.
You should check the offers of many companies and compare them. No one is against haggling either – after all, we have a free market, right?

A website may cost only 300 NIS, and another website even over 4,000 NIS. The first one will definitely not be happy. Let’s say you need a professional website with several sub-pages ready for positioning – usually the cost of such a website is around NIS 2,500-4,000 net.

I hope that with this article I have brought you at least a little closer to the cost of creating a website. It all really depends on your needs.
If you are thinking of creating a website and still don’t know how much it will cost, call us and ask

Request a free quote. Tell us about your requirements, and based on that we will estimate how much it will cost.
You can also visit our pricing page for package pricing. Just match your needs to the given package and find out what the price of the site will be.
In this article you learned how much it might cost to build a website and how important it is to choose a contractor. Also, I invite you to read additional articles on the blog, which exhaust the topics discussed to the end.

Frequently asked questions – how much does a website cost?

Number 1 How much does a website cost in 2023?

The cost of creating a website in 2023 depends mainly on its size (the number of subpages) and the client’s requirements. A website consisting of a home page and several small subpages (about us, contact, portfolio) will definitely be cheaper than a large website with hundreds of subpages.
It will also be more expensive to write a website from scratch than to use a ready-made template in one of the popular CMS systems

Website creation at our agency starts from NIS 2,500 net.

Want to know how much a website can cost you? Check our website price list or call and present your needs and we will provide you with a free valuation.

2 Freelancer or interactive agency?

Choosing a freelancer usually means less costs, and that’s usually where the benefits end.
An interactive agency will prepare a professional website that will surely meet your expectations. The implementation time will be longer and the cost of the site will be higher, but the agency will take care of many elements: graphic design of the site, a convenient contact form, content and quality graphic materials, SEO optimization and more. , many more.
The interactive agency will also provide you with a warranty and a service package.
that’s it? If you wish, the same agency will also take care of positioning in the Google search engine.
It can be said that the agency operates comprehensively – from creating a professional website to effective online marketing.

3 How much does a website with a location service cost?

Each agency may have a different billing system. With us, the cheapest website costs NIS 2,500 net, and positioning is free until the desired effect is achieved.
If you tell us that you want to be in the top 10 for the phrase “the cost of creating a website” or “a website, how much does a website cost”, you will only start paying when we achieve the goal – It’s only about NIS 10-20 per day.

4 How long does it take to create a website?

It is difficult to unequivocally answer the question “what is the implementation time”, because it depends on many factors.
Each step of the work takes time, and costs time. The bigger the page you need, the more work we will have to put into it. A simple website (eg a business card website) can be made in just a week.
The implementation time for large and individual projects can take up to at least 30 days.

5 How much does an online store cost?

Setting up an online store is much more expensive than creating websites. Creating e-commerce online stores takes even more time.
Similar: How much does it cost to set up an online store?
If you want to know the exact prices of an online store for your business, check out the dedicated article above.

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