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In addition to development landing pages, we also create online stores using the popular WordPress plugin – WooCommerce and CMS systems such as Shoper or Shopify. If you are interested in setting up a website or store that will sell well, you have come to the right place.

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With the best landing page builders, development of landing pages has become incredibly easy. landing page development cost calculation is needed in order to create attractive landing pages to complement your marketing campaigns. In order to turn leads into conversions, a quality landing page is an absolute must. This is where landing page builders come into the picture – to turn leads into sales. In order for a landing page to convert, it needs to be attractive, functional, somewhat original and designed to encourage a follow from anyone who views it. And with Landing Page Builder you will see that landing pages are quite good for development per campaign.

Developing a landing page

Advantages of a landing pages – landing page development

The advantages of landing page development are:

What is a landing page?

Checking the types of landing pages

The landing page is the first page through which your website/blog visitors enter your content space. Visitors typically do one of three things after viewing a landing page:

  1. They check the content of the page and close it.
  2. Through the links you placed on the page, they will go to another part of your website/blog.
  3. They perform another action (besides viewing other pages). For example, they register their e-mail on your website, or download a file offered by you, or leave a comment under your article, or call the phone number you put on the page, or buy the product you presented.

How many landing pages does each website have?

The answer to this question is clear: we don’t know. The main and initial page of the website, also called the home, is often a central landing page on any website/blog. If you’re development landing pages the main page is the page you’ve probably seen the most and edited that landing page more than any other over the last few months, but the front page of a website isn’t necessarily the only landing page for that website.

Developing an example landing page

For example, your visitors may arrive at your website or blog post through a Google search. Therefore, the page that is shown to visitors through search engines is actually considered a landing page. People who Google John Doe’s name will be directed to the next page in the appendix: Sample landing page by John Doe, so this is another landing page for the site.

Other landing pages

In addition to the first page of the site and the pages that appear in the Google search results, the site can also have other types of landing pages such as:

Developing a price landing page

The price of development a landing page is around 1,000 USD.

What does the price include:

Importance of the landing page – choosing the important landing pages

It is unlikely that we will need to emphasize the importance of the landing page. The landing page is the showcase of your website and blog. The audience will judge your work, your writing, your product and your brand based on your landing page.

As your website or blog grows, you probably just can’t manage all of your landing pages (the plugin has several thousand landing pages right now as you read this lesson).

Therefore, it is probably worth choosing a few key landing pages to build a landing page and spend more time on them.

Some of the following criteria (or their combination) can be suitable for development central landing pages:

Which of your pages are other sites linking to? front page? Or some of your special writings? These pages can be very important for you.

Which pages of yours get the most hits per week (or month) from Google and other search engines? The investment in reviewing, editing and optimizing these pages is reasonable and necessary.

Developing a landing page – ask yourself these questions

Which of your pages are profitable? One page may have 50 visitors per month and another page may have 5000 visitors. But if you sell a product on a page with 50 visitors, it makes sense to take it seriously and not remove it from the priority list because of relatively low traffic.

If you intend to send the link of some pages on your website/blog to others via Telegram or other messaging software and hope it will spread virally, be sure to treat this page as a landing page.

Visit more sites

Visit a news site or a popular site that has advertising banners. Click on one or more banners and see which pages they land on which sites. Basically, wherever you go, it can be considered a sample landing page.

If you are a member of a Telegram group or an Instagram visitor, you can use the link below for Telegram messages.

Go to the website, or the link in the bio, to the landing page.

A page on Google

You can search for a keyword that is important to you on Google. Some links on the front page are good examples of landing five.

Just write three things for now (no further explanation needed). Page analysis will be done in the next lesson.

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