Store promotion on Google – many promotions, how do you choose?

Promoting a store on Google is promoting your business on Google, a business in which you are sure to have invested the most effort in order for it to develop and succeed. Your store, which is a showcase of the products you offer to your potential customers, is under great competition in the virtual world. Google is a search engine where there are millions of stores in various fields of business and service providers. Promoting your store effectively is our ambition at SoCooll to bring your store pages to the first result in the online world where there are other businesses that without a shadow of a doubt have promoted their business by promoting SEO – otherwise they are not there. Whether it is a store with many chains or a small business, the need for professional store promotion is a must in order to attract the greatest number of customers who will enter your virtual business which is your website. Promoting stores on Google with the potential to become customers in your store by making a purchase, or by ordering a service that your store offers.

Google store promotion

The promotion of stores on Google for businesses is carried out according to methods and skills that are constantly evolving in regards to compatibility with Google’s search engines. Promotion of a store should be carried out using different methods by experts in the field of store promotion, which is carried out on your website and off-site website promotion which is carried out off-site. Each category includes sub-fields including writing content, development the website structure correctly, development links to the store and outside of it, designing the store in accordance with all the latest Google requirements and according to the various updates, making sure the store is easy to use, making the website responsive and suitable for mobile, etc… Therefore The need to promote stores on Google is actually the ambition of small businesses to always grow and develop.

Google website promotion – business website

SEO for business on the major search engine Google for your business is developing into one of the most powerful tools for local small business owners. Both Google Maps and Search pull from Google to your business to generate local listings (known as business profiles). Creating a Google Account for your business is a quick and easy way to add more information to your business profile, helping it to appear on the first page of Google Maps and search that you continue to require to verify your listing so that you can monitor, maintain and optimize your listing.

Links for promotion – methods of promotion

Developing and adjusting links to your store on Google is a must and cannot be waived. At the same time, it is necessary to adjust the links to your Google store while examining the nature of the service or products you represent.

If you are not familiar with the concept of an internal link, I must tell you that an  internal link  is a link that connects one page on your website to another page on your website. When you link from one to the other pages of your website, you are development internal links. 

Both users and search engines use links to find your website content. If there is no link to new content, search engines will not see this page.

Of course, only the links within the content do not count as internal links. There are several types of internal links. Links on the home page, in the menu, in the post, etc. You can also add links in your content. We call them text links. Text links direct your users to interesting and relevant content.

The more links a page gets, the more important it is to search engines. Therefore, internal links are very important for promoting your store.

Organic promotion on Google – the importance of development the store correctly

Organic promotion on Google – such a simple example… when company X is responsible for the domain, company Y is responsible for the mail, company Z is responsible for the server, and the website was made by us and there is a failure, it will be difficult to determine where the problem is.
With everything in one place, one call to us is enough and we will solve the problem as soon as possible.
For more information – hosting, email and SSL certificate.
Modules and integrations
You can only invest in a simple business card, but if you want, we will equip your website with useful modules and integrations.
Currently you can count on:

Implementation of different language versions,
fast online payments,
discount codes,
chat application to contact the service,
integration with Allegro,
Ceneo price comparison,
Google Merchant Center,
integration with couriers,
and many others.

Shopping ads

Shopping ads on Google increase the visibility of your product in a Google search. Ads first appear in searches in a carousel of up to twenty ad placements. Compared to search ads, using shopping ads on Google increases the chance that your ads will be seen.

Compared to the twenty ad placements in the Google Shopping ad carousel, there are only two search ad placements for a mobile search advertiser.

Compared to regular search ads, Google Shopping ads are more visually appealing because they include product images.

Shopping ads target any relevant keyword that your product is associated with, and sometimes these keywords are completely new to you. The added benefit is that you can use the keywords in your future products, content or advertisements.

Shopping ads also appear in image searches to increase their visibility in the search engine.

The visibility and traffic of shopping ads are customers who have a high purchase intent. This type of traffic can change your online store’s marketing strategy from development brand awareness to development customers.


After creating a Google merchant account and product updates, the ads themselves are automated by Google.

Automatic process for updating the necessary product details directly from the product update. The product feed interacts directly with your online store and the product feed in your online store will update the product feed to get the latest information about your products.

Google Shopping automatically matches related products with relevant keywords to match search terms.

Automation saves you time because you don’t have to create ad copy for the ads themselves. Automation is beneficial for every small and large online store.

Automation makes shopping ads a very effective advertising tool for online retailers because it lowers labor costs compared to traditional search ads and makes campaign management easier.

Whether your online store has just a few products or thousands of products, automation makes your Google advertising campaign scale. A simple process once set up properly.

Depending on your online store platform, there are plugins and programs to create product feeds for you.

For example, in Shopify, the Google Shopping app easily syncs your products with your business account, making it easy to launch a campaign and track results.

Promotion sponsored by Google

Google also offers display ads that appear on the Google Display Network. The Display Network is a broad collection of websites that have partnered with Google and agreed to display Google ads. Google ads on the media network can be accompanied by text, image, video or media format, and sometimes its purpose is marketing ads and banners.

Why does Google Ads appear?

Advertising on Google AdWords focuses on keywords. Advertisers select a list of keywords to target that are relevant to their business proposition. So, choose the words that people are likely to use in their searches. They base their bids on how much a Google user is willing to pay for their ad. This bid is determined along with the Quality Score that Google rates your ad. It ultimately determines which Google ads will appear in the SERP. When users click on ads, the advertiser pays a certain commission (cost per click or cost per click), calculated according to the following formula:

Better results for e-commerce

Compared to search ads, shopping ads on Google get higher click-through rates for products on average.

A higher CTR lowers your overall ad spend and has the opportunity to increase your traffic for the same ad spend.

Click-through rates for Google Shopping ads are high because the ads serve customers who are at the bottom of the buying funnel and are likely ready to buy your product.

Highly targeted keywords that include color, brand or product type are search terms that customers are already familiar with and may have already done their product research.

Targeting the right customers at the right time can have a positive impact on return on ad spend and increase the overall return on investment in your business.

Store promotion on Google – conclusions

Promoting a store on Google is an extensive topic due to the ever-increasing developments in the field of demand for promotion techniques that must be adapted to Google’s search engines. Promoting your store on Google should be your right choice for the success of your business. Promoting stores is actually turning the virtual website into a profitable business, your business must be promoted in an effective and correct way and only in this way can you reach the results you are aiming for