Developing websites – where should you start?

To know if you need a freelance website developer or if you can build your own website from scratch, you need to know if you have a lot of knowledge and experience when it comes to development a professional website. In order to build a website, it is necessary to know HTML, CSS, PHP and other languages, as well as the ability to design graphics. Otherwise, you will not be able to manage without the support of experts. Where should you start if you want to create websites?

Web design – essential knowledge

Before you can create a professional looking website, you must first acquire the right skills. Currently, customer expectations are rising. The site should not only look beautiful but also be functional, adapted to SEO and above all adapted to the user’s expectations. This means that the creator of the website must more or less master many topics, including:

Freelance web developer

Freelance website builder
Freelance website builder

HTML – Hypertext Markup Language.

This is the code used to create the page structure and its content. With this language, you determine how the site will look in the browser. You add paragraphs, headings, hyperlinks, bullets and more. HTML has been an absolute foundation in website development for years.
CSS – or Cascading Style Sheets. This language is used to describe how information is displayed on web pages. With it you can define elements such as font type, background color and more.

PHP – freelance website builder

The PHP programming language is used by both freelance website builders and about 80% of companies and websites in the world. It is used in the case of complex web applications, as it is good for managing large amounts of data.

JavaScript – scripting language

JavaScript is used for example. To create animations, interactive maps and many other elements on the website that make it more attractive. Today many websites are built with this technology used with additional tools.

MySQL – freelance website builder

Relational database management system. It is very popular because it is relatively easy to use.

User experience – UX

UX web design that takes into account the so-called user experience. The website should pleasantly surprise the internet user, not discourage further use.

SEO website promotion – freelance website builder

Today, for the vast majority of websites, website promotion is organic traffic from the Google search engine , which is an important or even extremely important source of traffic. The site must be optimized to the algorithm requirements of this search engine in order to achieve high positions for key phrases or for a given word.

that’s it?

These are not all the technologies and fields that a website developer should know. In fact, the requirements in this regard are constantly changing and more and more often creating a website requires the use of the services of several experts.

How easy is it to create a professional website?

Unless you are going to specialize in web design, there is no point in learning programming languages. All you need to do is learn the basics you will need to manage your website. Only – how do you set up a website? Currently, you can do this very easily in several ways. Here they are:

Choose a website development system – an application with which you can quickly create a website. For example, when development a website in WordPress, you choose from many ready-made templates, which you can adapt to your expectations. You can use the photo editor, insert multimedia, contact forms and other solutions you need. In the case of this service, you don’t need to worry about additional hosting purchases, and you pay for it in the form of a subscription.

Freelance website builder

Website development is a field that requires knowledge, experience and time. If you are just learning it, it will take a long time before you can perform a professional service. You can simply outsource this task to professionals and take care of what is most important to you. At SoCooll , website development prices vary. To find out what the exact cost will be, send a request for an individual quote. You will get it for free and it will not charge in any way.

Creating a website is a skill that definitely comes in handy these days. However, acquiring and developing knowledge in this area is a time-consuming activity. That’s why it’s better to start learning from managing a ready-made website – the one you create in CMS or the one that professionals will build for you