Developing a store website: what do you need to know before opening the store?

Developing an e-commerce store website for virtual businesses or to increase awareness and sales at existing stores All over the world, people sell their products at the level of their region by setting up a physical store or stores in different and diverse areas. With the development of the virtual world, there are a large number of businesses that want to increase their business turnover and distribute the products or services they offer to a wider and larger audience by developing a virtual store website. What’s more, there are businesses that skip the physical store part and choose to start their business by developing a virtual store. There is no doubt that this or that sale or service depends on the first factor for the success of your business, which is the demand for the product or service you offer in the market.

Developing a store website

Developing a store website: virtual stores for businesses

Suppose you have a store that is open 24 hours a day without the need for a salesperson, and even when you are resting, your goods or services can be sold.

Or think that instead of the customer coming to your store, you go to the house or the workplace, and your customer can come to you from all over the country.

We all experienced the bitter period of the Corona and saw which businesses went bankrupt and could not earn more, but there were also businesses that experienced good sales instead of reducing income, and some wonder how they did it.

Yes, you guessed it right; the existence of the site is what made those businesses not fail and make sales even when everyone was at home.

Using the site, you can build your online store and earn money seven days a week without the need for costs such as renting a place, decorating, hiring a salesperson, an accountant, and thousands of other costs.

Maybe you are asking yourself, “Is it possible to increase business by developing a virtual store website?” In answer to the question, I have to say yes! But first of all, it is better to know the advantages of developing a store website so that the concept becomes clear for you and you get out of the confusion.

Developing professional store websites: advantages

In general, the benefits of developing a store website are many and varied, and you give yourself the opportunity to move forward by developing a store website for your business. For example, your customers can order from your website without time and place restrictions, or you can target more customers with your website ads. There is no doubt that setting up an online store is much cheaper than setting up a physical store for those looking to open a virtual store only.

What are the steps in the development of websites for stores?

Regarding the development of a store website, I suggest using an expert. Because in the field of web design, it can help you more precisely or create a perfect and functional website for you. Remember, your website is your real business. Therefore, if the products or services you offer are high-quality and professional, a high-quality and professional website built according to Google’s criteria is a must and not a choice for you.

During the stages of development of a store website, pay close attention to the existing details because this has a direct impact on the results of your business. The type of choice of the store name is very important; in fact, with the name of your store, you provide a summary of your business to the customer who sees your name on your business website, which is actually an image website for the business or businesses you have.

The type of internal design of the site is also very important. The way to choose colors, arrange icons, etc. in the overall view of the site can attract and repel customers. (We suggest you choose a color to make your business look more professional.)

Developing a professional store website

Another important point to consider during the stages of creating a store website is the content you use on your website. Try to use content that is practical and attracts customers. Avoid using long and repetitive content, as this will bore the reader and ultimately lead to less feedback. Care must be taken in choosing the photos and writing the characteristics of the goods so that they are not far from the truth; otherwise, you will be accused of selling low-quality goods.

Finally, try to design and build a store website that does not cause confusion and allows the customer to view products, search for products, and order products.

Which company can set up an online store for you?

After what we told you, now the question arises: which company can design a store website for us? I must say that a company can create a functional store website for you, which, in addition to familiarity with the points we talked about above (such as familiarity with the way of design, the type of content, etc.), also knows well the principles of the requirements of the various search engines and certainly of the giant search engine Google. There is no doubt that knowing the rules for developing stores and other websites is an integral part of presenting your website and your business. For example, some of the principles that store website builders must know are online shopping and sales laws, customer rights, and other principles that are within these laws, so the construction must be done correctly to avoid malfunctions or exposure to claims from misled customers.

How do you order a site for a store?

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General background on the beginning of the process of developing a store website:

To order a website design project for the store, you must first send the RFP to the company you would like to entrust with the construction of the website. RFP is actually “Request for Proposal.” This means that you must send the website development company a document titled “Topics and Type of Layout,” “Strructure,” “Features,” “Website Goals,” “Type of Website Usage,” and in general, all the information about the website you want.

The document you prepare under the heading “RFP” specifies the type of request and what type of site you want. In fact, ordering the construction of a store website is not the way in which you just request the website and the website designer will build the website according to his own taste and information; this is the way in which the designer, based on the information you provide in full and in detail in writing the RPP document, designs and implements it. Make sure that when preparing the document, you include all the necessary information in all aspects of the website and leave nothing out.

Developing a dedicated store website: development in programming code

In the design of a dedicated website, ready-made content management systems such as WordPress are not used. Instead, depending on the site’s needs, special coding is used. The biggest advantage of dedicated store sitesis their  high scalability and greater security. Since CMS is a pre-engineered system, you can benefit from its features only by making small changes to it, but with dedicated coding, you can develop the desired platform in any direction.

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Developing a store website with WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems used by website builders due to the very low cost of developing a website on WordPress. Developing a store website with WordPress has the following advantages:

If you choose this tool to build a store website, there are steps you should be familiar with, which are as follows:

1. Like the other methods we talked about before, the first step is to choose an appropriate name for the store that reflects your type of business.

2: The second stage of appropriate hosting purchases For WordPress, there are different hosts you should use depending on the type of site.

3. The third step is to install WordPress. After purchasing a host, it’s time to install WordPress and run it. (WordPress can be downloaded for free.)

4: After installing WordPress, you need to install additional tools such as WooCommerce. This tool allows you to sell products online and takes the buyer to the electronic payment page. If you haven’t received the trust symbol for electronic payments yet, you can use the interface portals for online payments on your website.

5: After completing the above steps, you can slowly start adding products and selling them, and this is how the job of developing a store website with WordPress ends.

Website design with WordPress enables two functions for the seller and the buyer. One is the sale and purchase of downloadable products, and the other is the sale and purchase of physical products. With these features enabled, the seller can deliver physical products to the buyer by mail as well as offer downloadable products such as books, etc. in large volumes for download.

Website promotion and store website optimization

SEO is the process by which a store’s website can attract users through the Google search engine. These users find the site they want using the keywords they are looking for and place an order if the purchase conditions are suitable. Website promotion in stores is a very suitable advertising tool for store websites looking to increase their number of customers.

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How is the support for store sites carried out?

The support of the store website is the main task of the manager and the website design team. The site design team, together with the site manager, must solve the problems on the site, answer questions, and protect the site from hackers and cyberspace intruders. Therefore, the security and up-to-dateness of a website and its contents depend on the diligence and accuracy of the website manager and website design team.

How is store site security implemented?

Today, due to the existence of all kinds of problems in cyberspace, the protection of the store’s website is very important and is discussed. How to protect the site from possible risks is always a matter for the site owners. Among the points that can be useful in establishing the security of a site are:

1: Passwords: Try to be careful when choosing passwords. Choose passwords carefully, and avoid choosing easy and guessable passwords.

2: The number of supporters and users on the site: the more users on the site and the more authority they have on the site, the less secure the site is. Therefore, designate a certain number of people as webmasters to increase the security of the site.

3. Security software: Use secure but reliable software for protection.

4: Update peripheral software: try to update the peripheral software of your site and system so that it warns you if a problem occurs on the site.

In conclusion, development of a store website

The most important feature for the development of a store website is a management section that can coordinate the work well and detail the tasks of each department so that customers can buy the product they want without any problem. The presence of a strong management panel, like in other cases, is difficult to implement on non-store sites, and for this reason, the core of the store site must be unique to the store. By developing a store website, you will be able to expand your activity without limitation. This difference causes a greater expansion of the business compared to the competitors; therefore, it is very important to build your store website correctly from the beginning.