Designing and development websites for businesses – what are the implications for the future of your business?

Designing and development websites for businesses has become an integral part of the era we are in, the “digital age”. Every day we see the increasing influence of websites and the endless information available in the online world. The impact that is expanding at an ever-increasing rate, in our daily lives in almost every field and certainly on the growth and opening of small and large businesses. Website design and construction is an extensive and comprehensive field of individual abilities from one builder to another, which led to the formation of new and different fields. One of the growing demands is for web design and construction companies for businesses, certainly for those who need and want to grow.

Designing and development websites for businesses
Designing and development websites for businesses

Designing and development websites for businesses – what is website design?

In this article from SoCooll we would like to answer the above questions and describe for you the website design work from 0 to 100; So stay with us until the end of the article.

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What is a job in website design and development?

Website design, in simple words, means “creating web pages for various purposes”; If we want to give a more precise definition to our profession, we should say that a web designer has the skills and knowledge that a web designer has that can have commercial, educational, entertainment, etc. purposes. In general, every website has two parts “appearance” and “functionality”. The people who work on the “appearance” part of the website are called web designers, and the programmers who work on the “functional” part of the website are called web developers.

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What are the types of website design and construction methods for businesses?

To design and build a website for your business, you have 3 methods, one of these methods requires knowledge and programming skills, and in the other two methods you can learn to design and build websites without the need for programming knowledge. In this part of the article, we intend to present and examine different website design and construction methods. These methods include:

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Website design and construction with website builders

One of the easiest ways to design a website is to use sites where various tools and pre-prepared templates are located so that you can design the website you want with the help of these tools and templates; On these sites – some of which are free (not really free) – and some of which are paid – simply create an account and then choose one of the templates and start editing and customizing it; Or you can design your website yourself using the tools and elements installed for you.

Designing and development websites for businesses
Designing and development websites for businesses – development a website for lawyers

It is worth noting that the working principles of all prominent website builders are the use of the Drag&Drop construction method; That is, you design your website by selecting different elements and dragging them to the desired location. It should also be said that there are different website builders.

Website design with WordPress – designing and development websites for businesses

The method through which you can enter a website design job is “using WordPress”. Please note that this method is more professional and complex than the previous method, but it is still easier than the third method, that is, designing a website with coding, and it takes less time to learn and master it.

Maybe you are wondering what is WordPress? WordPress is a Content Management System that many websites in the world (about 65% of all websites in the world) are designed and built with the help of this system. Many people in the community have the idea that WordPress sites are simple and routine sites, which is not so true; Because many famous, popular and complex websites in the world are built with the help of WordPress.

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Developing websites for businesses – professional websites

One of the biggest advantages of WordPress is that it has diverse and powerful plugins that provide many simple and complex features for web designers. In this context, as you gain more knowledge and skills in working with WordPress, you will be able to design more professional websites; Websites that cannot be designed with the help of website builders, on the other hand, require a lot of time for design and coding, while with the help of WordPress they can be built in the shortest time and with the highest quality.

Website design with coding – designing and development websites for businesses

The last method for designing and development a website – which is more complicated than the previous two methods – is website design with coding. In order to design a website using coding, one has to go through a lot of special training and also acquire a high skill in “web programming”. It is worth noting that website programming is divided into Front-End and Back-End areas, which:

Designing and development websites for businesses

Front-end programming deals with designing the website and creating its exterior (the part that users see and interact with).

Backend programming is about developing a website and development functional parts and its main structure (the part that users don’t have access to and can’t see for them).

It should be noted that designing and development websites or designing and development websites is related to front-end programming, and in order to be able to design a website with the help of web programming, you must know the languages ​​and frameworks of the front end – end of section and using them increases your skills.

What are the roles of a web designer?

As mentioned, a web designer is someone who designs and prepares the appearance of a website or web page with the help of his skills and knowledge; This was a general definition for the job of a web designer. In the following, we intend to present to you the duties of a web designer in order to get a more detailed view of this position. The duties of a web designer include:

We will explain below the things we mentioned :

Choosing a font – designing and development websites for businesses

Choosing the right font and the legibility of the writings on the website are one of the most important factors that a website designer must be very careful in choosing and using. There are many websites with an attractive design, but because of the inappropriate font used by the designer of those business websites, it does not attract users; For this reason, web designers should be careful when choosing fonts.

It is worth mentioning that in order to choose the right font, one must pay attention to the “identity of the site” and the “target market” specified for it; For example, if a designer wants to design a business website, he should use easy-to-read and official fonts.

Using the right colors – developing websites for businesses

The colors used in website design and construction are another important factor that is very effective in attracting users. By using different colors and creating a general theme in the site format, web designers are able to create sites that all users – of any taste – will enjoy working in the environment of those sites. The important point in choosing the color is that usually the use of soft colors creates a feeling of calmness in the users and helps them have a pleasant experience on those sites.

Choosing colors and designs according to the brand identity and website themes

Among the other tasks assigned to business website designers is the selection and use of colors and designs that match the “brand identity” and “theme of the website”. For example, there are different brands that have a certain color combination in their logo and use this color combination in the marketing and advertising of their business, therefore, a website designer should pay special attention when he wants to design a website for these brands. The brand logo and colors used therein, and use colors and designs in the form of your business website that match your brand logo and business identity.

Determine the direction of the website design – professional website development

It is better for a website designer to create a map where all the main menus and sub-menus, buttons, sidebars, elements needed for design, etc. The way is clear to him; Also, defining the direction of the website design helps the designer get an overview of what users will encounter and change the design map in such a way that users can access the content or section they need as easily as possible.

Preparation of suitable images for different parts of the design

In various parts of the business websites, there are still or moving images that enhance the beauty aspect as well as the branding on the website, and the selection and use of these images is the responsibility of the website designer. Web designers, when designing, should use images related to different sections and also suitable for the brand to create harmony and pleasant harmony for users; Also, remember that using relevant and appropriate images will also help promote the website.

Using a programming language – designing and development websites for businesses

As we mentioned above, there are different ways to design a website, where the first 2 of them – namely “design with website builders” and “design with WordPress” – did not require coding, but remember that a website designer, when designing a website with website builders or WordPress, sometimes requires skills Coding to customize the design and fix existing bugs. To correct what has been said, a web designer does not need to learn web programming in a professional way, but only a basic familiarity with the principles of this branch of programming is enough.

Optimizing the design for display on different devices

Another important task of a web designer is to optimize the design for “display on different devices”. In the old days, the only device that users used to access various websites was a computer; But today users – instead of computers – mainly use other devices such as “smartphones” and “tablets” to access different websites; For this reason, a web designer must optimize his design to display the site on different devices – with different page sizes – so that users can use the site well without problems – and on any device they have. .

What skills do website design and construction need?

Now that we know the duties of a web designer, it’s time to get to know the skills needed for this job and check what skills a web designer needs to perform his job. The skills needed to enter the job of designing and development websites are:

  1. Graphic Design
  2. Internet programming
  3. There is a basic understanding of branding
  4. Colorology
  5. Teamwork

Graphic design – designing and development websites for businesses

The first and most important skill a web designer needs is “graphic design skills”; Because the main goal of website design and construction is to create a beautiful, pleasant and user-friendly appearance; With the help of graphic design skills, web designers can create their own designs for websites and then apply these designs using various tools (such as: Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma, etc.).

Internet programming

Web programming skills are also among the web design and construction skills for businesses needed to design a website with WordPress or coding. You don’t need to learn professional web programming to get into “website design and construction work at the WordPress branch”; Rather, relative skill in this – to customize the design – is enough for you; But if you intend to go into “web design and construction job in the field of coding”, you definitely need to learn web programming skills professionally and from 0 to 100. To learn the skill of web programming in order to design a website, you must acquire the skill of fully using in HTML, CSS and JavaScript languages ​​(JavaScript). Also, to become more professional in this field, you need to master frameworks such as Bootstrap, React, Angular and Vue.

There is a basic understanding of branding – designing and development websites for businesses

Another skill that a web designer should know is “design skills based on branding”; In fact, with the help of this skill, a web designer can design according to “branding plans” and also benefit from the “principles and fundamentals of branding in website design and construction”. For example, a professional web designer, in order to design the website of a big brand, must use the brand logo and colors that represent that brand, so that users will be influenced by the branding as soon as they enter the website.

Colorology – web design for businesses

Colorology or color psychology is one of the most important skills in the field of design and its sub-branches – such as designing and development websites for businesses; The skill in color science allows the website designer to choose a suitable and attractive “color scheme” for the website so that when the surfers visit the website they will be faced with a comfortable and relaxing environment and enjoy the design. (Further on you will get to know the idea of ​​a color scheme)

Teamwork – sad company and development websites for businesses

Many large web design and construction projects require more than one web designer due to the large size of the project. For this reason, business web designers must develop teamwork skills and be able to complete large projects with their colleagues. On the other hand, website design and construction is only one of the tasks that must be done to fully launch the website; Therefore, web designers must be in continuous contact with other teams involved in setting up a website (including the back-end programming team). To communicate better with colleagues and advance the project’s goals – you need to develop teamwork skills.

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  6. What are the important factors in website design and construction?

Designing and development websites for businesses

Each business website, based on its purpose and application, needs different features and facilities that website designers must include all of them in their design in terms of appearance, so that website developers can integrate the main structure of the website with the designed parts and users can also use the facilities placed on the business website in full; But there are also factors for website design and construction that are general and all website designers – all over the world – must follow these factors to attract more audiences to the website and make it user-friendly. In this section we intend to examine the important factors in website design for businesses – which are necessary and very important. These factors are:

arrangement of elements (layout)

Arranging the elements means “designing how to place and position the various parts that exist on a business website.” The website layout is one of the most important factors that you – as a web designer – should pay special attention to. The better a website has a layout for its elements, the more users it attracts; As it is attractive to them both in terms of looks and functionality, it is easy and user-friendly.

The elements should be arranged in such a way that users can easily find the content or part of the website they need just by looking at them. In the previous part we also said that the website designer must optimize his design for different devices, and a large part of this optimization is “under the influence of the arrangement of the elements”; Please note that the amount of “white space” is different on different devices, and in order to optimize websites, elements must be placed according to the amount of “white space” available on each device. (It should be noted that white space is the same space that website designers have for arranging different elements).

Using images – designing and development websites for small businesses

It’s no secret that using images on websites is one of the factors that make them attractive to users; That is why it is of particular importance to choose the images used for website design and construction. In general, in order to choose the right images for your website design, you should pay attention to a few simple points:

Visual hierarchy of the business presentation

Visual hierarchy is “how the users’ eyes move on the website page”; Let us explain this more clearly with an example. In general, when users enter a business’s website, they follow a specific pattern and path to see different parts of that website; For example, users’ eye movement at the top of websites is usually in a Z shape, and they look at the middle and bottom in an F shape; In this regard, when you design a website as a business website designer, you need to place the main and secondary elements in the right places according to this path – and the visual hierarchy that users go through – so that users can find the part more easily. They want. Find and solve their needs from the business website.

It should be noted that if this visual hierarchy is not respected, users will soon tire of browsing your site and visit another site. Pay attention to this point as well, the elements placed in the way of the users’ vision are actually central and inspiring elements in the interaction of these users with the site, which have a very positive effect on the branding of that site.

Navigation – development of unique websites for businesses

Every website is like a small city that users need a map and an element of orientation to move to its different parts, in this regard, when you design a website as a web designer, you must include elements and elements in your design. Users see them (and click on them) so they can easily access the part they want; It is worth noting that these tools and elements can be placed in different parts of a website, such as the header, side menus, or even its footer (places where users look for these tools and elements more than other parts), so that users can find an article as soon as possible that they need or access the part they are looking for.

Color scheme – designing and development websites for businesses

The color scheme is actually the same theme used in the website design, and this theme should actually be a combination of the colors used in the brand logo and related to the theme of the website. In this context, as web designers, in order to achieve a suitable color scheme, you must find the original, similar and complementary colors of your desired brand from the color palettes available on the Internet, in order to achieve harmony with you. Website Design. match the identity of that brand; Also, it is useful to remember which colors the users are drawn to in the virtual space in each period and use these colors in accordance with what was said in the design of your website.

Typography – designing websites for businesses

Typography means “choosing the appropriate font for the website”. In order to attract surfers to the site, there must be a suitable font (typography) and as we mentioned earlier, choosing the right font is one of the main tasks of a web designer.

Sometimes a design requires a web designer to use different fonts to create appropriate typography on their website; But in general, we recommend that you use “one font” for the typography of different parts of your design so that the harmony created in the website design does not suffer from heterogeneity.


Another important factor in designing and development websites for businesses is “readability”; This factor shows its importance when users want to read something on your site; Therefore, you should use a “readable font of an appropriate size” to avoid fatigue of the users’ eyes; Also, another thing that increases the readability of your site is “contrast background color to text”.

Content platform design

All information available on the business website is considered part of the content of that website; In other words, the content of a website can include images, videos, content and even audio files. In addition, you should know that the biggest trump card of a business website to attract users is its “content”. The fresher and more interesting the content on the site, the greater the chance that users will convert from “simple visitors” to “loyal users” for that site.

Designing and development websites for businesses

It is worth mentioning that the responsibility of creating the content is not the responsibility of web designers, but “preparing and designing a suitable platform for presenting content” is the responsibility of web designers; For this reason, another important factor worth paying attention to in the design and construction of websites is the preparation of a suitable platform for presenting content to surfers.

Responsive design – designing and development websites for businesses

Responsiveness of a website is another important feature or factor that has a great impact on attracting users – when using this website. As we mentioned in the previous sections, today visitors use websites with devices with screens of different sizes; Therefore, in order to increase user satisfaction while using the website, a web designer should take advantage of the “responsiveness” factor in his website design. It is worth noting that responsive website design is so important that it has a very vital effect on the SEO of that business website and helps to raise the ranking of that website in Google