A software development company

This guide brings together everything you need to know about Application development for companies from a software development company. Instead of checking on Google, we wrote an explanation for you .A leading app development company can code for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile or switch between platforms and build a hybrid app. Specialization is the strength of the UX/UI design and the willingness to deal with new technology such as wearable components, AR, VR,, AI, Amazon Alexa and chat bots. Finally, we did not discriminate by size, as small studios can compete with larger companies on all quality measures.

Application development for the company

The Google search engine contains hundreds of app development agencies, but you also need to know how to choose one. Brand names and awards are not enough because the app developer needs to be right for you, your business and your app idea. This short guide helps you make a more informed choice.

Types of app developers

There are four main types of app developers that are specializing in Application development for companies, although many subgroups can be found within these (such as specialization in a particular industry or platform). In general, enterprise-level companies tend to cost more but have the most powerful and fastest means of developing your app, while boutiques are more like small artisans, and the last category is individual freelancers.

Application development for large companies

Large companies that typically do everything from designing your app to development, testing, and publishing it. They tend to require the biggest budgets, and their designers and coders are mostly employees.

Web based application development

For web based application development we’ll mostly prefer JS frameworks over Python Django or dart. Web based apps are mostly developed for complex systems, social media platforms and big data services with specific requirements from the web app. Pay attention to the fact that SEO isn’t a big part of Mobile Web Apps or Mobile development in general, and similarly, web based apps aren’t SEO optimized either, unless certain activities are preformed such as including SSR and using certain services. If you’re considering SEO as part of a need from your website, it might be better to go with static page generators and CMS solutions.

Choosing the right application development service

Web App Companies

The main difference between these and the above companies is that they employ freelancers to work on your project. This allows for more flexibility – maybe you already have a user interface, or you have coding skills but would like something designed. It also lowers the costs – app development through these companies is usually cheaper.

Web App studios

These studios can be as small as a two-person team. They take on fewer projects and provide high levels of polish and also tend to specialize in certain types of applications or verticals.


You might find one person willing to do it all (design, coding, testing, publishing) but the truth is, the people who can do it all and do it well are few and far between. It’s not impossible to build an app with number of freelancers, but it adds a lot of work on your side and the need of understanding the process.