SoCooll website development

Here at SoCooll we focus on two main areas which are website development and website promotion which includes website promotion in a sponsored and organic way (unsponsored promotion).

We build websites whose main goal is to convert the visitors who come to your website into customers by designing the website in a way that suits your target audience while giving maximum thought to the proper functioning of the website, whether it is the speed of the website or whether it is the website design in terms of menus, proper hierarchical website structure and code which does not burden the site.

In addition to website design, we place emphasis on website security by using an encrypted protocol in addition to security methods we have developed over the years to prevent unauthorized access to your website files and the content contained therein.



SEO is an extremely important issue when development a website because without it it will not be possible to find your website, which means that customers will not come to you. In order for customers to come to you, you will have to promote your website in a sponsored or organic way. After promoting quite a few sites using the two different methods, we came to see that each method has its advantages and disadvantages. Over the years of our activity in the industry, we have promoted websites in various fields to the first results in Google organically, which bring our clients several thousand visitors every month. For further reading on the topic of website promotion, you can enter our article on sponsored website promotion

Our process


An initial conversation to understand your needs and expectations from the website and whether you would like to promote it.


Choosing a suitable design according to the nature of the site and your taste.


The construction of the website, which includes writing content by you or by us while sharing you in the stages of progress in the process.


The delivery of the site to you includes a short tutorial regarding the operation of the site and its maintenance.

Do you have a project in mind? Let’s get to work