SEO – is it really necessary for your business?

Website promotion by an expert website promoter is actually an SEO service in the professional language which is pushing your store in the digital world up the mountain where there are other businesses, perhaps competitors or not, that do promotion for their websites for sure and therefore are at the top. No matter how attractive your website looks and how valuable and special your brand is, in the end if you haven’t promoted your website, you’re simply not there. Many invest in the development and design of the website because it seemed to them that it would be enough and a designed website would climb to results on its own, but in reality things are different, you must promote your website on your own, or through promotion services for a new website or an old website. Website promotion service is actually bringing your business to the main display window in the virtual world and it is the dream to be on the first page of Google, and if it is already the first page then why not promote to the first results? Wait, let’s stop, website promotion for businesses is abilities, skill and a lot of hard work and let’s not be silent that there are many more who compete in this race. There is no doubt that hard work often leads to impressive results and achievements,

To the question of whether it is possible to do promotion independently? Part of the answer lies in the question, website promotion for a new business is a lot of knowledge that is updated all the time, therefore anyone who is interested in promoting the website and has the knowledge or wants to learn, there is a lot of information on Google, some of it is correct and some of it is unfortunately inaccurate and even misleading, so if you think you want to do Do it alone or at least try, good luck.

Website promotion for businesses

Website promotion for businesses as we said can also be done by you of course if you have the skill for it. To know if you are skilled enough, ask yourself a few questions:

If you have the above problems or you have decided to raise your website in the Google results and beat your competitors, you need an expert website promoter or in our language – a skilled SEO consultant.

Website promoter – promoting a business on the Internet

Internet business promotion as well as SEO consulting has become very popular, and the reason for this is the high growth rate of the Internet, which has made it more important than ever to reach the top ranking of Google. However, as a business owner, you may be asking yourself these questions:

In this article, we are going to answer all your questions in the field of consulting and website promotion for businesses.


What is a website promoter for businesses? SEO consulting?

When it comes to choosing the right keywords, getting on the first page of Google, or optimizing your website, even large companies with in-house SEO teams sometimes hit a brick wall or aren’t sure how to proceed. This is where website promotion services and SEO consulting come into play. In fact, SEO consulting provides comprehensive solutions for the success of your website. The promotion of the business on the Internet starts from the beginning when we discuss the domain name, the hosting company, the development of a website, etc., until you intend to rank in the search engine with SEO techniques—internal, technical, and external website promotion—and finally until it continues almost independently, a serious problem with incoming traffic and sales rates. In other words, as long as you compete in SEO, you need SEO consulting!

Promoting the business online

Promoting your business online means that a web developer will be responsible for creating an overall strategy for your website. SEO includes different levels, from “superficial” things like content to more complex code that helps search engines understand how your site is organized and what your pages offer. Ultimately, the goal of a professional web developer is to make your website as accessible as possible to human users and the artificial intelligence that crawls the web to make online business more accessible every day.
Remember that Google cannot crawl all web pages. Google engineers say this all the time. It is physically impossible to do. The pursuit of 100% coverage of all the billions of pages that exist today will be expensive.

SEO specialist

SEO Expert: Do you need it? Have you ever talked to an SEO expert to improve your website’s SEO? Do you know that an SEO consultant can play a vital role in the success of your digital marketing? Join us to get to know one of the most important specializations in the world of marketing.
In managing any business you are entrusted with, you have realized that in order to succeed in today’s competitive world, it is necessary to take marketing in the digital world seriously and prioritize marketing plans. But what is the starting point of marketing and advertising activity? by a promotion specialist? 

Website promotion for a new business

When thinking about website promotion for a new business, there is no doubt that your customers will use a Google search to find your new business website and the products and services they need, so you should think about introducing potential customers to your business in Google search results. If we want to express this process in a more scientific way, it is necessary to do SEO for the website, so improve yourself to be seen in the results.

SEO specialist

A “consultant” of some sort is usually an expert on a particular topic and is paid to provide advice on that topic to individuals or companies that need it; an SEO consultant is no different. They are SEO experts and are paid by businesses and website owners to advise them on how to get higher rankings, more targeted traffic, and ultimately more profit for their websites.
A website promoter for businesses is responsible for planning, implementing, and managing all the activities of promoting the business on the Internet to get organic and targeted traffic. The tasks of an SEO consultant are very wide and varied, but their most important tasks include planning, analyzing websites and competitors, formulating a content strategy, providing an effective link development plan, conducting a technical audit, and managing organic traffic.

Internet site promotion

Online SEO  Now that you’ve decided to move your website up the SERP results and improve your website’s SEO, other questions are troubling you. The main question is: how do I grab the top position in internet results?
If you have been managing your website for a while, you undoubtedly know that this process is very difficult, and you may not be able to improve your website promotion as much as you want after a lot of effort and investment of time and money. At this stage, it is necessary to contact a web promoter who is financed in everything related to web promotion on the Internet.

Internet site promotion

An Internet SEO consultant is an expert who helps you plan to improve your Internet SEO and provides the right ways to reduce time and cost to achieve the best position in Google searches.
As experienced SEO experts and experienced consultants, we perform a thorough analysis of your current website to assess the current state of your website’s organic performance as well as SEO tactics to rank in organic search results. Once the initial audit is complete and an assessment of your site’s needs is made both on and off-site, a full SEO strategy can be provided to give you an overview of how things will work.

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What is the importance of SEO consulting?

The fact is that all businesses in most countries of the world have moved to digital and online businesses, and without SEO, you will not be able to be exposed to your customers. In traditional business, you may be able to learn the right way to advertise with a few trials and errors. But in the world of online business, there is no room for mistakes because your competitors are not waiting for you. Therefore, to have a website promotion consultant who will guide you like a guide from the beginning of the way to promote a new business or to promote existing businesses

Website promotion for businesses

Website promotion for businesses by the business owner is often an almost impossible task because many have a basic understanding of best practices for website promotion and want to implement them in practice, but they spend their time in the day-to-day management of their business, and the topic of website promotion is pushed to the sidelines. Most of us do not have the understanding, talent, or resources to achieve impressive and lasting results. If you have tried to manage SEO in your organization or your business and have not been able to achieve the results you need, SEO consulting for online businesses will be an ideal option for your team and help you climb more quickly and efficiently up the ladder of search engine results.


The most important advantage of website promotion for businesses is saving time and money, which are often lost due to trial and error. Experienced SEO consultants have a wide range of proven SEO techniques that have been proven to improve rankings. From the start, they can help you understand what’s working well and what needs improvement. An SEO consultant and web promoter can help you design and implement an SEO strategy with targeted results that can be measured over a period of time. Absolutely no guesswork!

Website promoter: how to become a professional SEO consultant

This web developer means to be an SEO consultant, which requires a certain level of experience, technical knowledge, and diverse skills. How can I become an SEO consultant?
To become an SEO consultant with many offers, you need to be an expert in the field, and this does not happen overnight! SEO training is possible by working for an SEO agency, but you can also acquire the required skills yourself. Many of the most successful SEO consultants in the world are actually self-taught. Becoming an SEO consultant usually requires years of SEO training that includes SEO courses, SEO tests, and self-tests to gain experience.
The path you need to go through to become an SEO consultant

What are the characteristics and skills of a web promoter?

Web developers add enormous value to the digital world and have a wide and complex range of skills. As an SEO consultant who is at the top of the game, you must have the following skills:

SEO consulting is an exhausting profession at times, and it is easy to understand why those at the top of the profession can charge significant fees for the role due to the wide range of skills and experience required to truly master the art of SEO.

When do you need SEO services?

If you are a business owner interested in designing your website or launching a new website, it is recommended to hire a web developer to optimize it. Whether you’re launching a new product or service or entering a new market, an SEO consultant can adjust your keywords and content strategy accordingly. Also, if you plan to invest in other forms of digital marketing, an SEO consultant can help you scale these campaigns and achieve better results.
SEO is a long-term strategy. It may take several months before you see results. Therefore, the sooner you hire an SEO consultant, the faster you can reap its benefits. In short, online businesses always need SEO and SEO consulting. A website does not come out of two situations: the first situation is that the website is not at all in the search engine results and therefore the surfers do not see it, and the second situation is that the website has a good ranking on the Google results page, but the conversion rate and return on investment are low. In both cases, SEO and SEO consulting are essential.

What exactly are the responsibilities of an SEO consultant?

On the face of it, every SEO consultant has one main responsibility, and that is to ensure that their client’s website ranks high in Google results, which of course requires a lot of things. Below is a comprehensive description of the duties of an SEO consultant:

Understanding the scope and goals of the business for which he is a consultant

Before anything else, a good SEO consultant works to understand the business, its niche, and its strategic goals. Because of this, they work closely with the marketing manager, product manager, and even the CEO to understand everything. At this stage, an SEO consultant defines his goals (which are aligned with the strategic goals) and draws the road map.

Conduct extensive keyword research.

One of the most important and essential aspects of SEO is keyword research.
This means discovering different words, phrases, or questions that your business’s target audience commonly asks. They search on Google or any other search engine. An SEO consultant, using one or several tools such as Ahrefs or SEMrush, discovers the most relevant and profitable keywords and then plans their website’s promotion.

An SEO consultant examines a variety of criteria to choose the right keywords, including:

After finding the keywords and prioritizing them according to the three criteria above, an SEO consultant assigns them to his landing pages.

Website promotion and content strategy development

By discovering the right keywords, a web developer will work with a content marketing strategist to create a detailed content strategy.
It requires:

The promoter makes sure that the content created is not only optimized for keywords but also written according to the search intent.

Internal SEO optimization (on-page SEO)

Here, the technical expertise of the SEO consultant and website promoter for businesses is challenged. Internal SEO refers to optimizing your website for a smooth user experience and Google’s better understanding of page content. This includes technical and content SEO; some internal SEO methods include:

Development and implementation of a link development strategy

Link development refers to creating high-quality backlinks, and if you don’t spend enough resources to create quality backlinks, you will achieve next to nothing! especially if you operate in a competitive field. This is because Google and other search engines consider quality backlinks to be one of the most important ranking factors.

The steps taken by an SEO consultant to implement the effective part of the link development program are:

Organic promotion on Google

Like any other part of the website, organic promotion on Google involves a lot of effort. information and proven work, so it is impossible for one person to do everything, from creating a strategy to implementing it to tracking and reporting the results. A website promoter must work with different team members, including content experts, public relations experts, website designers and developers, and marketing managers, of course, according to his background and personal knowledge, to ensure a smooth execution.
Good website promoters have an appropriate approach and method of organic promotion in Google that evolves with the change in search engine algorithms. This means that the way we are implementing promotion now may not necessarily work in the future, as Google and the search engines will constantly improve their algorithms.

What a web developer should not do!

Unfortunately, in the world of SEO, there are SEO consultants who may take shortcuts or use SEO techniques that violate Google’s guidelines in order to save money. using techniques that can be classified as “black hat SEO.” These techniques can increase the risk of a Google penalty, which can hurt rankings and cause traffic loss.
Things SEO consultants must not do:

Consulting a web developer is key to your website’s long-term success.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective long-term growth strategies in online brand marketing. If you don’t know where to start with SEO, contacting an SEO consultant could be the best choice you’ve ever made.

We believe that the long-term success of your website depends largely on the quality of your optimization. Our team has dozens of years of experience helping companies of all sizes bring high organic traffic to their websites. We strongly emphasize the importance of conversions because traffic without conversion is worthless.

How to work with a good SEO consultant

Working with SEO consultants can be difficult because results are not easily measurable. Here are some tips that can improve the collaboration between you and your SEO consultant:

1. Setting expectations clearly

Search engine optimization is not that simple. You may have the world’s best SEO working for you, but even they can’t guarantee that your web pages will rank well in search results. It depends on various factors, and often the results are not immediately visible. So before you start, talk about your budget, resources, and available tools, and set clear expectations based on that.

2. Define criteria.

We discussed the changes they would make and the timeline for making them. Discuss your goals and set realistic criteria for evaluating them. Define metrics that actually reflect SEO results and relate to your organic traffic growth.

3. Communicate effectively.

Discuss how much your web developer should communicate with other stakeholders and how often they should share progress reports. Set a schedule for meetings and forms of communication (e.g., email, video or audio calls, text messages, etc.). Let them know about any project management tools you use and decide how you will collaborate on the project.

Should I hire an SEO company or an SEO consultant?

The difference between the two is almost the same as hiring a full-time employee or a freelancer for any other job.
An in-house SEO expert will be available around the clock. They will work only for you and focus all their attention on your company’s digital strategy. They likely have a better understanding of your company’s goals, vision, and offerings, so they can better serve you.

At the same time, hiring means spending more on salaries and benefits. And if you don’t have an ongoing need, it may create unnecessary costs.
So hiring an SEO consultant may be more cost-effective. You only pay them when you need it, and if you’re not happy working with someone, you can always part ways amicably and work with someone else. But an external SEO consultant may not understand your business and goals as well as your internal resources. Also, since you have to make appointments with them in advance, they may not be available in an emergency.

SEO expert?

It’s hard to find a good SEO expert. Typically, you want to find an expert who ranks well for keywords like SEO because this is usually a sign that they have excellent SEO skills. You can also find good organic website promoters by researching their social media, resumes, and portfolios. You should also look for a consultant who understands that organic promotion is not a magic wand or a quick fix and can help you implement a good structure in your business that will pay off in the long run.

Organic Promotion

A good organic SEO expert or SEO consultant should have in-depth knowledge of all the different aspects of search engine optimization. They should have good experience in internal, external, and technical SEO, keyword strategy design, backlinks, and familiarity with SEO tools.

Google website promotion

Since organic SEO consultants have to work closely with marketing teams, they must also have sufficient knowledge of various marketing strategies and their implementation.

They should also have good communication skills and be able to convey exactly what they want from content writers, copywriters, content strategists, and other stakeholders.

A good web promoter or SEO consultant should have strong analytical skills because a large part of organic promotion is about collecting data, analyzing it, and determining SEO strategies based on it. They must be able to understand and interpret trends and data from Google Analytics and other sources. In addition, they must keep up with the latest changes in Google’s algorithms and their implications.
An SEO consultant must be able to provide the following:

Data-driven results

It’s easy to guarantee, but quality and professional SEO are based on actionable results obtained through comprehensive and accurate interpretation of data. The only way to get long-term results is to work with a web developer. It is based on data rather than relying on guesswork.

Find alternative solutions.

SEO is a constantly changing process; there is always more than one way to rank high in the search engines. A good SEO consultant takes a flexible approach to problem solving, offering not only basic strategies but also a variety of alternative solutions that can be tailored to the unique needs of your business.

SEO expert at Google

A Google SEO expert should be able to handle any challenge that comes his way, but that doesn’t mean that his solution will be to everyone’s taste. You may not always agree with the website promoter’s suggestions, but you have to be able to trust their professional opinion, and that comes down to how well they communicate and how well they can explain the motivation behind their decisions.

Planning and implementing a successful organic or sponsored SEO strategy may involve many discussions and, of course, several changes of direction before reaching a sustainable solution. It’s important to be able to talk openly with your site builder and promoter about what’s going on. Organic promotion is a marathon, not a sprint!

Waiting time for SEO results

Successful SEO does not happen overnight. This is a long-term commitment that requires consistent and thoughtful action from a Google SEO specialist to achieve results. You cannot trust any consultant or company that promises to rank you on the first page of Google in a few weeks. Improving SEO is a process that takes time. Even if you use SEO consulting, you have to wait some time to get the best results. The amount of time you should wait will vary depending on your competition and your current SEO status. But it is generally said that it takes at least six months to see the effects of SEO improvement programs and strategies.

Request for training courses from a website developer

One of the most important principles for achieving results when you use an SEO website promoter is the ability to best implement the strategies and plans suggested by the consultant. 

We suggest asking your consultant colleague to hold a training course for the management team and explain the plans and strategies to them. For example, if an SEO consultant determined keywords for you and prepared a plan for you to upload content, a team knowledgeable in producing SEO content is needed to implement this plan. If you hire the best and most expert consultants but do not implement their suggested plans and strategies, you will not be able to achieve your desired SEO position.

You have to pay to improve SEO.

Many of the sites that are your competitors use professionals to improve their SEO. If you want to succeed in the competition, it is necessary to use experts in this matter. Using a website promoter and implementing the plans and strategies offered by these promoters will cost you. Don’t forget that if you can get a good position in Google searches, you will see a big development in your business, and your marketing costs will be significantly reduced.

Why should you choose SoCooll as your SEO consultant?

Google website promotion

If you are not sure where to start in the SEO process on Google or you have encountered problems with SEO, contact the SEO company SoCooll and schedule a consultation with our experts. Our SEO team will analyze the condition and location of your website, suggest changes, and make a detailed plan of SEO activities according to Google’s recommendations. We determine and show you the way to success in website promotion. If you have an internal or external web development team, we are sure to work alongside them. Our company’s SEO consulting services are intended for any size of business. As your SEO consultant, we guide you through SEO best practices and strategies. Our team equips your company with the tools it needs to stay ahead of the competition.

FAQs from users about SEO consulting

Who is an SEO consultant?

An SEO consultant is a person hired by an employer to identify SEO problems and give them solutions in the form of SEO consulting.

SEO consulting: website promotion on Google

If you ask for help with Google SEO from the very beginning, when you have not yet started your activity, you will definitely be ahead of many of your competitors because you started your website in a completely principled way and overcame technical problems. But every time you have problems with your traffic, click rate, or conversion rate, you can get help from SEO consulting services.

How do I find the best SEO consultant?

Consider some good SEO companies and ask them the questions we mentioned in this article. Choose whichever one gave better answers and suited your conditions better.

How much does organic promotion cost?

Organic promotion has a very different price and depends on the level of experience and expertise of the SEO consultant, your project, and the work time required to carry out the project.

What areas does Google’s SEO deal with?

SEO on Google already starts with choosing a domain name, choosing a hosting company, internal SEO, technical SEO, external SEO, keyword research, analysis and review of competing websites, digital marketing techniques, etc.

The SoCooll website development and promotion company is ready to provide services to its customers through several successful work examples in the field of website promotion in stores and corporate websites. Contact our experts for website SEO advice and price questions.